Masters (MSci) or Honours (BSc) if wanting to do a PhD in Physics


I'm just about to start second year of a BSc in physics, at the end of this year we get the option to change to MSci if our grades are good enough (extra year study).

So my question is what the best course of action if I'm wanting to do a PhD. Is there any benefit in doing the MSci? all the postgraduate literature only mentions 2:1 BSc for entry requirements.

Also im UK based



I'd do it, it will give you an advantage over other PhD candidates if the positions you are applying for are very competitive


An MSc (extra year after you have completed your BSc) is generally considered better than the MSci in terms of PhD applications as you will do a second, more rigorous, research project.

Obviously you need to factor in any extra costs, and having to apply to institutes to get onto the course.

However I am from a biological sciences background where competition is much more intense, if I were you I'd go and speak to some academics in your department to see what they'd expect to see from strong applicants.