NERC SSCP programme - any advice?


Anyone who applied to the NERC SSCP DTP programme at imperial college london and was successful?
How important are grades compared to relevant experience?
In regards to one specific advertised project, I have solid research experience but not great grades (still fit the entry requirements).
Overall, how difficult is the selection process given that there are many proposed projects and only a few studentships?
Thank you in advance


Have you seen the SSCP scoring criteria? It is online, if you google it there is a link. It shows how they award marks for different grades vs other experience.
I have been told that the NERC GW4+ DTP usually has 1200 applicants a year, so I would imagine Imperial is equally, if not more competitive.
Speak to the supervisor of the project you want to apply for, they can tell you about the DTP and if you have a chance.