Phd Interview told "not required to prepare slides"


I have an interview for a Collaborative Doctoral Award, the email says "You are not required to prepare slides." I'm wanting to make a small handout with a selected bibliography. But I'm unsure if this would be acceptable.

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You can prepare something but don't be shocked if they don't let you present. Usually if they expect you to do a presentation they will tell you and give a topic. Otherwise, it is optional on both you and the interviewers parts. So they are not expecting you to have one and may refuse to let you present it. Though if they say yes anything is acceptable. Does that help?


Thanks for the advice,

We have to prepare a brief presentation on archive material, however, they sent a further email out saying once again we are not required to prepare slides, as the document will be on a screen behind you."

I'm taking that as they don't want a power point and would rather just have us discuss the document.

Thanks again!