Quiting a PhD for a new PhD : Will my ATAS and visa application be impacted?


Hello everyone!

I am a second year PhD student at a Canadian university. However, for some reasons, I decided to move to UK and recently received a full funded offer from a better university (the supervisors at both ends know this and both of them are indeed supportive to my decision). Now that I need to apply for ATAS and visa, I am wondering, whether my current status as a PhD student shall create any problem? My plan is to secure the visa first and then to terminate my current program in Canada.

Thank you for your time and response!

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I am not an immigration expert and you should get professional advice.

I don't see how this will affect your visa application. People apply all the time for visas while still having a job or being in education in their home country. A PhD is just a form of fulltime education/ job and shouldn't be considered any different.


Thank you for your reply.