Phd switch; how to go about it



I started with a phd in Biology three months ago. Now i'm interviewing for another one which suits me much much better in terms of focusing more on white cells and the whole group in general. How do i go about this. Is it enough to tell the new one that my current one is a bad fit? I know for sure that it is and that I won't finish this project if I continue. However, I'm not sure what to tell during the interview. I don't want to be seen as someone who quits and I would only do this if I knew for sure the new project is an improvement. Also i talked to a lot of people about my current phd before reaching the conclusion that this is not it. Anyone experienced this? What did you say to your new group? How did you go about it? Any tips would be welcome.



Hi, carolina30,

People switch their PhD project all the time within the first few months when they realise that the project is a poor fit or if they feel that there are problems with supervision.

Do you have scholarship? You may wish to see if the scholarship can transfer to the new project. If yes, normally, supervisors love it if you bring your own fund and this can be seen as a plus when you want to switch. Tell the new supervisor that your current project is a poor fit and you realise that your interests did not align with the project. You could also say that the project description and reality is very different (is this true?) when you started work on it. Just be frank and they normally will understand. You will also need to convince your new supervisor that you will finish the project under him.

Good luck!