Do you get funding in the 4th year and do you pay for tuition fees?


Hi all,

I've been having this question in my head about 4th year in a PhD program (3 years funded PhD).

Correct me if I'm wrong, in the 4th year when you are unfunded, do you pay for the tuition fees for the 4th year?

Can there be any funding to support the 4th year?

Thank you.

EDIT: I think the title is misleading a bit. I've got 3 year funding, in the fourth year do you pay tuition fees or not?


In this case, yes, tuition fees are paid. It's rather silly in my opinion, but this is the way it works in most universities. However, the fees for the final year are greatly reduced. For instance, a typical research PhD degree fees can be about 5k/yr (much less than undergraduate), but then it becomes something like 400/yr in the final year 4th year.

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Usually yes but sometimes no. At my uni it varies from several thousand to as low as £300 per 6 months and the lucky few get the uni to pay for it. I think it it is stupid to charge students short term extensions, especially if it is due to reasons outside their control. Though one person I knew got his fees waived due to extenuating circumstances, surprisingly enough his supervisor was deputy head of department.


Hi I did not pay fees for my fourth year when the stipend ended. My bf supported me then, I just moved in with him. Speak to your supervisor.