ESRC funding with my CV


Hello All,

I have an unconditional offer to do my PhD in a RG university with a famous supervisor and I would like to apply for ESRC funding, but I do not know whether my CV is good enough for ESRC funding so I would really appreciate your advice:

I have an equivalent to a UK 1st in my BSc, but I only got a pass in my MSc due to mitigating circumstances (my BSc is from abroad and my MSc is from a UK RG university). I then on went to do a second MSc but I decided to leave with a PGDip with Distinction rather than with an MSc with a Pass as I thought that this would severely affect my chances to get funding; however, now I regretted having exited with a PGDip as they would see from my transcripts that it is a failed MSc. I also have a PGCert with a Good Pass, 2 publications in high impact factor journals with numerous citations (over 40 and 50 citations each one), 10 years of working experience and numerous scholarships/prizes (including a Marie Curie Fellowship abroad).

Could you please advice me whether this profile/background good be good enough to get ESRC funding? Or should I do a second MSc in a non RG university and try to get a Merit/Distintion so I can increase my chances to get ESRC funding? Or should I self-fund my PhD as I do not really want to miss the opportunity to do my PhD with this particular supervisor?

Many thanks for your advice.

Best wishes,