ESRC Quota 1+3 award


Hi guys,

I have a question with regard to the ESRC 1+3 quota award and would like to ask you for some advice. Last year I was awarded such an award for an MSc and a PhD in a UK university. I'm almost at the end of my MSc now but I'm very disappointed with the place and with what I'm going to be doing for my PhD. The problem is that it turned out that the actual topic of the PhD does not really correspond to my interests, requires just mechanical work with no thought on my part and will do nothing for my future career (at least in my view).

So, my question is, if I decide to abandon this and go to another university for my PhD, will I lose the award? My guess is that I would lose it. Furthermore, will there be any penalties for me? For instance will I be required to pay for my MSc ex-post.

So, what do you think?


you wouldn't necessarily lose the scholarship - see section 8 of the guide:




yay, I just got awarded my 1+3 ESRC scholarship!!!
I am DEFINITELY going to London!

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Reading that section of the ESRC guidelines it looks like you would need a serious reason for wanting to transfer between institutions. I don't think that being generally disatisfied with the one year masters would be a good enough reason for the ESRC to transfer the award, plus your current supervisor will more than likely be extremely annoyed that you are leaving one year in.