Funding - How much do I actually get?


I am due to start a PhD in October and I was lucky enough to find one with funding. I will be receiving £13650 a year and this will be paid in monthly installments.

My question is, how much of this will I lose a month? I know that I won't be taxed, but what about NI contributions, student loan payback etc?

Any help on this would be much appreciated, as it means that I will be able to start planning for the months ahead.


Hey Nicka,
You'll get £1137.50 I month. You dont pay national insurance contributions or student loan with your studentship as it's not officially classed as income (i.e. you pay no tax on it). You can make N.I contributions/student loan payments if you want to, but nothing is actually deducted at source so you'll receive the full amount into your bank account every month.
Good luck with the PhD x


Hi Starshine,
Thank you very much for your reply, it has put my mind at ease 8-)


Hi, my maintenance and fees are paid quarterly, - which I find a little trickier to handle, so it's worth checking with your funder.

It's not as though I'll be stashing it in a high-interest savings account, remember those?