Funding oppurtunities for Ph. D. in India


I am a Hospitality and tourism Management graduate with quite a good acedimic record. I am currently studying previous year of Masters of Tourism Management from Indra Gandhi National Open University, India. I wish to start the research while I am doing MTM to make the base for doing Ph.D after completion of master's program. The subject I want to choose is "Regional culture of India-In perception with liquor consumption among urban citizens". I want to know is there any possibility of getting scholarship or sponsership to fund my research.


Funding for International Students is pretty competitive over in the UK. You are probably best off contacting a few professors at UK universities who have similar research interests to you, and asking whether they would potentially be interested in supervising a project that you would like to do. You can also ask whether there is any funding available. Good luck!


thanx for da advice friendlyface.


Do u want to do a PhD in UK or India??? If u want to do a PhD in UK getting funding for ur chose of subject would be rather difficult for a non British citizen.If u want to do the PhD in India u can ask a lot of the alcohol companies to fund u... U will have to write to them personally, it will take a bit of time but one of them is sure to fund u....Y not ask Mallaya for funding ur PhD??:-) Cheers!!!!