Funding part way through a doctoral study


Hi there, I began my PhD self-funded however I am now no longer able to afford the fees and wondered if there is any funder who would fund a doctoral work that is part way through. I am a part-time student in the second year with all my data collected. Taking out a loan is not an option - so any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hopefully someone will have some advice for you, but in the meantime, you could try this link?


It would be helpful if you said what your subject area is. I applied for funding from AHRC (I was a history PhD student) during my first year, and won it for my second year onwards. But I'm not sure if they allow such funding applications any more, in particular they seem, like other UK research councils, to have restricted their funding to certain institutions.

Other options are charity-based funding. I once saw a very useful list of links, but can't find it again now. Maybe Google would help. Again subject is important for this, with charities tending to fund things in specific areas.

Oh and I was a part-time PhD student too.

Good luck!