Funding query


I've experienced some pretty horrendous bullying since starting my PhD. I have persevered and I am now nearing the end of my second year. I have presented work at two conferences through which I've published and a workshop, I won grants/ awards to attend all of these. I have first authored all of my publications, a collaborator looked through these and made comments and was named as second supervisor but its mostly my own work. My project is part of a £5M grant yet all requests for funding from this have been denied or just ignored, the PI is only giving funding to the students he supervises it seems where I am based. Hence why I've had to apply for external funding to present my work. I'm the only one he doesn't supervise. There are other Universities who are part of this project and the PhD students at those all get funding from the grant to attend conferences and support their research. I subsidise my lab work with personal funds. Recently 18 researchers were sent to one international conference (mostly staff). They still however include my deliverables in reporting for this grant. This doesn't seem right but I've not been able to do anything about this, any advice?

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That sounds awful and you have done well to get the publications and external grants. I don't think there is anything you can do except keep asking. If he mostly sent staff to the conference I wouldn't worry about that. As if you work is part of his deliverables he will want to promote it. Just be awkward with sharing slides so non-one else can present your work. I wish I could give you more advice.