If I leave an EPSRC funded PhD, will I be ineligible for another EPSRC PhD in the future?


Pretty much as the title says. I am in my second year of an EPSRC funded PhD. If I were to leave it, would I be eligible for another EPSRC funded PhD in the future?

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Don't quote me but I think you would still be eligible for EPRSC funding. However I think the university would take into consideration a previous non-completion during the application process.

I take it you are thinking of quitting?


Hi, yes I am thinking of quitting. Going to post a new thread reaching out for some support I think.


You need to check with your research council's term and conditions/guidelines. I know that many research councils will also expect you to repay any over-payment you've received for the year if you do leave early.


I don't believe ESRC required repayment (I had a much thumbed through handbook during my PhD, and it didn't say anything about repayment on the leaving early pages). I think you could get funded again but not by the same university... it might depend on whether they have a list and check for previous applicants. You could call the admin office at the council and ask this specific question anonymously.