International student funding at Cambridge


I'm a New Zealander currently applying for a PhD in Genetics at Cambridge. I chose to wait until I had found a supervisor's support before I applied to the BGS, and in January I had an interview with a potential supervisor, who agreed to take me on. Only then did I apply to the BGS.

Therefore I missed the funding deadline for funding from the Cambridge trusts (15 Dec 08). However, when I was filling out my application, I wasn't sure if I should still do the 'funding' part of the application since I had missed the deadline. So I phoned the BGS and they told me that I should still complete that part of the application as the funding deadline is 'flexible'. I submitted my online application in February, and my supplementary material was processed about a week ago (according to CamSIS).

So my question is: Does anyone know how likely I am to be considered for funding from the Cambridge Trusts? I have missed the deadline by quite a long time, but I was told by the BGS that the deadline is not absolute. Does anyone have any experience with this?


If BOGS said apply and CamSIS has processed it then I would assume you will go into the pot with everyone else.



I have applied to Cambridge too (30 Jan). I also missed the BGS deadline (15 Dec) for PhD funding . However, I also filled in the sections for the Graduate Trusts. I did not receive any internal scholarship notification until today so that I assume that my application has not been considered.

What's the situation at your side?


Hi there,

I haven't heard anything yet. When I received my offer from the BGS, my scholarships section on CamSIS changed to "application forms sent", so I assume my application was forwarded to the Trusts. I'm not wildly hopeful for an award though. Trying for awards in my home country, although time is running out!


I don't know if it is the same for international students, but the Cambridge trusts give out domestic awards a few at a time throughout the summer - right into September. Domestic students are updated every so often on their place in the queue - it can be a long and nail-biting wait and around 2/3 of those on the short list do not get funding. If you are not short-listed you hear straight away (late spring). If it's not clear from the online system then call BOGS and ask for clarification on the process - i.e. how and when will you be notified of the outcome - is it an ongoing process over the summer for shortlisted candidates or is there one deadline. I know BOGS are increasingly fending off enquiries in favour of their online system but the online system is not always that clear - I would call and ask.