PhD without scholarship...Is it possible?


hi all, i have been struggling with this decision of going ahead with the phd in the absence of any funding. i have almost no time left to submit my proposal and just yesterday again was in doubt about how will i manage to find work to fund my studies and living expenses in the uk. i am an international student. there are very strong reasons which have prompted me to do this in uk. can't go into details here. but i have been reading some pretty scary reviews/comments on the fact that u can't work and do a phd at the same time. but can someone please tell me honestly how feasible is it to be working and studying for a phd at the same time? and if working 20 hours a week is possible/allowed for phd students too. that is what i was allowed for my masters level. i love my topic and am keen on working on it, so really want to do this, but my admission is for june this year, with no funding/scholarship in sight and i am apprehensive abt committing to this without knowing where the rest of the funds will come from. have tried all personal resources. would really appreciate some answers and suggestions. sincerest thanks in advance.