Social media campaign for scholarship application


Dear Admin,
I've just received an email about the PhD scholarship opening (thanks for that). It mentions that we can run a social media campaign as well to win this scholarship. In this regard, I was just wondering, what kind of campaign it should be? Will it highlight the applicant/purpose? What proof would you require to judge and what would be the criteria?
(Is there any past successful application with social media campaign, if yes can you please let me know)

Many thanks


Hi Samreen,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is the first time we've opened up the Scholarship application criteria in this way so I'm afraid I don't have an example to show you.

In terms of using social media you could set up a page on social media and post information about why you should win, get your friends to post on that page with supporting information, upload videos and photos in support of your application too, try and get 'likes' for you winning, or start a twitter feed and see how many followers you can get in support of your application... it's totally up to you!

Our judging panel will take a look at whatever everybody sends (links, a short presentation of what you did, images, whatever you send), and we'll be judging based on creativity and content.

Or you can apply with a 200 word statement, or a video, completely up to you.

I hope that helps and good luck! Sarah.