UKRI PhD Stipends - applying for additional scholarships


Hi all

My PhD is funded by UKRI.

I recently came across a scholarship grant (based at a German Uni but open to all PhDs across the globe), that fits the theme of my research. I would like to apply for it. The conditions state that if you already have funding you are welcome to apply, but you must state 'any received/ongoing scholarships' on the application.

I was wondering if anyone had experience of applying for additional scholarships/grants on top of traditional stipends? Am I likely to be less favoured due to already having some funding?

Particularly keen to hear from those who have done this as UKRI stipend recipients - i.e. do you have knowledge on the policy on this at their end.

Thanks in advance

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Grants are usually fine but I never heard of someone getting two full scholarships. I am UKRI funded student and I have received 2 external grants with no issues - in fact it was encouraged to get external grants. Most of the grants I have applied for did not ask for my current funding situation so being fully funded probably didn't affect my application.

Though if you have a full UKRI stipend I don't think you will get a second scholarship, as you don't need it. As if they are asking for your current funding they might be awarding partially on a needs basis. I am not sure if UKRI forbids it but you could ask your PhD office at your university for advice.