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Desperate for learning

Hi guys,

I am 57 and hold an M.A. in EnLit. This dates back to 1989. I have been working since but have always kept learning enrolling in evening classes at my local uni and learning a few additional languages.

1) I have travel plans for the next three years but wish to do a PhD thereafter i.e. when I am sixty. Does a PhD count towards pension entitlement at all? Ideally I would like to do it full time but I have to be realistic and do it part time.

2) I am nuts about zoology and the natural environment but being a very left-brained person my maths, physics and chemistry is very poor. I am doing loads of field trips all over the world watching animals in their natural environment and I did a class last year on animal bevahiour. My tutor really liked the paper I handed in to finish the class but how would I even go about finding a PhD topic.

If Zoology is out for me, I could always go back to either English or German literature (research is probably cheaper than zoology anyway). I would fund the PhD myself I reckon unless someone can point me in the direction on how and where to apply for grants. Again, how do I find a supervisor and a PhD topic.

I really appreciate your advice.

Many thanks!

P.S. Ideally I would like to do my PhD at Oxford because this is my local university.