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Urgent help...Submitting without Supervisor's support

thanks pink. do you know what the outcome of the result was? did he pass?

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I can't advise on what you should do (since it is beyond my expertise) but I just wanted to say that it is possible (though whether it is advisable is questionable) to submit a thesis without the supervisor's support. someone I know did this, not because they didn't agree with the sup but they just simply ran out of time so they had to submit. I would check your institution's guideline on this, as Ady says, it probably differ from institution to institution.

So it's possible, but I would personally want to know that my sup was happy with what I submit.

Urgent help...Submitting without Supervisor's support

Hi, thanks for reading.

My PhD has dragged for a long time. This is my 6 year. Due to bad luck and also supervisor guidance problems I took lots of wrong turns. My supa has tried to get me out with a masters long time ago. I insisted and carried on working. We worked on a few projects. Lets call the most relveant ones A and B.

We spent 18 months on A. got out good results. realised we needed to make changed. and left it. in the process of correcting it I have completed my current B project. Now Im ready to go and finish A. My supa tried to throw me out not long ago. It was crazy. I survived. I showed my work to another supervisor and was told me thesis will be an above average thesis after finishing A. This shouldnt take too long as now I know what to put in and try and make it work. I have a few months left only.

For some reason my supa wants me to put them together. make a bigger project. It is too difficult because it means I need to work more on B before working on A. then it will be a different project as the assumptions in A will be changed and there is no way I can finish. I dont think he wants me to finish. He knows I can get away with original plans in A and finish on time. Im trying to get support from other people. I dont want to submit without my supa's support. He is very stubborn. anyone has any suggestions or have heard similair cases/how to solve it? thanks.