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Entrance requirements

I agree. If you have the cash it shouldn't be a problem.

advise pls

As suggested, coming up with an end-of-year dissertation Project for an MSc is something for yourself to decide on.

Life after the PhD?

Quote From tricky:

As helpful as ever Bill.. Thanx.

I think we need a trollectomy!

Just ban his IP address Mods?

43 too old to start?

I think in many respects the HE environment has been buoyant employment wise for the past 10 or so years (believe it or not). With a expected change in Govt. to a political party that doesn't subscribe to the philosophy of 'a University in every town' (or suchlike) I think employment prospects in HE will tighten markedly.

In those instances, I (personally) can see ageism coming into play and "good old 'uns" fairing worse compared with younger (similarly qualified/experienced) candidates. Not trying to rain on anyones parade here btw

43 too old to start?

To be honest I wouldn't like to be in my 50's doing a PhD - with aspirations of an academic job afterwards. I can imagine ageism rearing its head in those circumstances. However, mid (ish) 40's should be doable - a Conservative Govt. allowing.

Just to cheer people up a little...
Doing the PhD for all the wrong reasons

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Quote From sneaks:

I did them purely for job opportunities and letters after my name :$ like I think most people do. (well that is what I hope anyway)

Now, thats adding something to what was originally said. Anyway, I agree re the 'jobs opportunities' aspect, but I think a search on here will find you could be in the minority regarding the 'letters after your name'. Its a topic that crops up now and again. It also does seem to matter what your motivation is (as the Dr. Title) doesn't seem to be 'doing it' anymore for the OP.

Doing the PhD for all the wrong reasons

"I think the "Doctor" bit has to be a reason for the majority of PhDers".

A bit of a sweeping statement isn't it. Personally, the (Dr.) title means naught to me.

If it is indeed the OP's sole/primary motivation then they've (IMO) got a problem.

restarting a phd

I suppose the key question is would you be considering suchlike if not for the redundancy.

Psychology as a career

1. "It's not a science" - This bothers you why?

2. "There isn't any jobs in that" - Arguably very true.

3. "Poorly paid, why not be a doctor" - Pretty sound advice.

4. "It's only for gays and women" - handy if you're either then.

Job prospects for PhD students

Quote From phdbug:
why did u call yourself a mature student?

A person is technically a 'mature student' at 25 I believe. Approximately the posters age.

PhD dilemma - suggestions/insights please

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You're also going to get far more answers to your questions if you can keep said questions under 300 words! Reading such monologues is a turn-off from the get-go. I personally gave up at line 10.

Why are you doing a PhD - the poll

Like I keep saying, the money and the girls. Isn't it obvious.

Anyone thats a Demonoid member...

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Won't stop me saying Google.com.