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Findeing a masters: Management for XR


A year ago I completed a bachelors in Game Design. While this course is still regarded as unusual by some, it was very intense and well led and equipped me with broad knowledge of interactive application development outside the entertainment industry. During the course I focused heavily on AR and VR and managed to build an expertise in this promising sector. In the last year of my bachelor and afterwards, I worked for several big agencies and institutes as an consultant and specialist in the field and gained experience in project management. After three years of work experience, the demand is still high for technical expertise, but I want to strengthen my leadership qualifications for the future, as I have discovered an affinity for it.

This is why I decided to apply for a masters, starting in fall this year. But I have been overwhelmed by the amount of factors and possibilities and I'm in desperate need for advice.

My goals:
I want to apply for a masters in Europe (UK, Italy or Spain preferred). It should provide me with the necessary skillset to either lead projects within a company working with XR, to get into consulting or even to found an XR-centered company once I gained the necessary experience. (Funding/visa research is done, IELTS: 7.5, undergraduate final grade: 1.6 (german), recommendation letters are ready)

- Is a masters in technology management worth it in my case? Or should I go for an MBA
- How can I accelerate the process of narrowing down the choices for my masters? I tried many different sites and I read that the reputation masters/university is especially important for management centered courses.

If someone has advice for any of the mentioned questions, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!