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Worst PhD interview experience 😥😥

Yesterday I had a PhD interview (studentship) infront of a panel of 3 ( 2 potential supervisors and Pg lead ) ... It was really hard as most questions was unexpected for me.... The supervisors asked me about details in my proposal though they have reviewed with me all what was written before applying!! I was concentrating on methodology but they asked me about the literature review... I was hesitated and unorganized at all , I answered all the questions but I know that some of them I didn't answer correctly!!! I felt embarrassed especially Infront of them .. I didn't have positive feelings during the interview I was really sure that I won't get accepted !!! It's ok it seems like I need to read or practice more. My problem is now how to overcome these negative feelings . I am sad, embarrassed and cannot forget what has happened!! I used to send the potential supervisors a thank you email after the interview but at this time I feel too much embarrassed to the extent that I don't want to send them . Don't know what to do