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Buying Graphic Design

The answers to your questions probably depend entirely on where you're buying from. That being the case, you would be best off contacting customer support at that site.

No job after 3 years of PhD. My options are?

Quote From Talented:
I like what I do at the crisis center and passionate and committed to it. Recently, a position opened up and I applied. But got rejected. That was a low point and a severe blow.

Firstly, congratulations on finding a field and role you feel passionate about! That's great, and it's something that people sometimes struggle with post-PhD, so you're doing really well to have found that. I hope that this alone would support developing some positive self esteem.

Now, on to the rejection. Whether one has no qualifications, or one has a PhD, there is always a chance of rejection with any job application. Sometimes it means that one not the right candidate, but sometimes a person can be perfectly good enough, but just pipped to the post on the day by someone who is a tiny bit of a better fit. It is not worth wasting too much energy on a single rejection, disappointing though it might be.

Have you sought feedback on how your application process went? It is important to know whether it was due to something on the application, or in the interview, or a skills gap (perceived or actual). If you can find out this then you can increase your chances on the next occasion by improving anything that needs improving. Or if it was just that someone else was a bit better on the day, then you can be reassured you are already a good candidate and just need to wait for another go at getting a role.

If you don't think there will be many opportunities forthcoming in your current organisation, have a think about what engages you about the job (Working with people? Dealing with crisis situations?) and then you can identify other organisations to apply to as well, who will appreciate the experience that you have gained with the crisis centre, if you pitch your application in such a way that highlights it.

Near the end of masters and I want to drop out

I can understand the idea that the sunk costs might compel you to finish, and certainly if it was just the dissertation to do I might advise powering on through. But if you've got a job lined up in a field you want to work in, you don't want to be distracting yourself with this, particularly if you have professional exams to sit.The worse thing would be to try to finish the MSc, not succeed, and simultaneously get off to a bad start in your chosen career through spreading yourself too thin.

One thing - can you get a PG Cert out of the modules you have already passed?

The fact that you have a new job lined up and they don't mind about the MSc goes a long way. Assuming that job goes well and you pass your professional exams, the MSc (or lack thereof) may cease to be relevant. One can even frame it positively in terms of having the awareness to know when something is no longer worth pursuing and when one's efforts can be better concentrated into something more productive.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

Waiting for Result After Minor Revisions

Firstly, congratulations! :)

Secondly, it really depends on the examiner. My examiner signed mine off within 24 hours but they were mostly lots of little corrections and a few paragraphs to add here and there.

Bear in mind it's conference season and holiday season. I would say give it 3 weeks and then chase it up via the examination office (rather than direct with the examiner). In the mean time, just enjoy some rest and/or get on with whatever the next step is.

Well done!

Eligibility of EEA/Swiss citizens for UK/EU fundings

Please bear in mind that anything that currently stands about eligibility may well be over-ruled at some point in the next 2-3 years. Nobody in the UK has a clue right now about how anything will work post-Brexit. You may well find in the future that you have exactly the same eligibility (or lack thereof) as EU citizens.

UK training for systematic reviews

York, LSHTM and Nottingham should all be safe bets (LSHTM is generally awesome, York is home to the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination http://www.crd.york.ac.uk/CRDWeb/). Might also be worth looking at UCL, Bristol and Sheffield. Basically anywhere that has a good epidemiology/health economics/health services research department.

If you need something more urgently, this starts next week. Johns Hopkins are highly rated for Public Health, but as with all MOOCs you'll have to see how it goes:

It's also worth looking on the Cochrane sites as they may have some training resources available. Do you know what packages you'll be using to carry out the review and analysis, as this may have a bearing on what training you should look at?

Premature finish (lab torn down)?

That seems an unusual and complicated set of circumstances! I would recommend your first port of call should be either the head of department or the graduate tutor. No student should be left without both a lab and supervisor and be expected to finish without some kind of support.

Second chances in Academia

Why do you say you 'failed' when you had to withdraw for health reasons? That isn't failing. I would suggest you get support/guidance in making your new applications as it may be that the way you are presenting your story is counting against you. For example, you will need to explain why you changed from film studies to psychology but now want to do film studies again. Will you be bringing your knowledge of psychology into your film studies topic?

I left a PhD programme for various reasons many years ago, then retrained via being a research assistant and doing an MSc. I was then accepted into a second PhD programme which I successfully completed. So it can be done, but you need to be able to explain a logical narrative to it.

As a general note, I would never advise anyone to do a full time unfunded PhD unless there were zero financial/career related risks to them.

ergonomic mouse

Quote From SallyK:
Also make sure you have your workstation set up well: having the keyboard at the right height (i.e. adjusting chair height to desk) makes a big difference to me.

Yes, if you have elbow and wrist pain it is possible that not only the use of a mouse is triggering it - do review your entire posture/workstation set up.

Windows 10

Quote From timefortea:
I am writing up and can't deal with a computer disaster at the moment....Should I upgrade??

You've answered your own question there! Absolutely not! Maintain the status quo with your computer, and only do updates of the essential variety.

Postgraduate IT course with science UG degree
Postgraduate IT course with science UG degree

Is it an IT course you want, or computer science? There are some differences. What are you ultimately aiming to get out of the qualification? 'Working in industry' is a broad concept and it would be worth researching what kind of course might be most valuable to the kind of employers that you're thinking of.

In addition to the above suggestions, you could also try Manchester (http://www.cs.manchester.ac.uk/study/postgraduate-taught/courses/computer-science-foundation-route/oute/[/url] or UCL (http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/degrees/msc_cs/).

Is there age limit for PhD?

As far as I know there are no age limits in any country. However, be aware that a PhD in the US will take on average a lot longer than in would do in most European countries. You might want to take that into consideration depending on your reasons for wanting to do one. Also, I would advise looking at the job prospects for PhD graduates in your field, if you are seeking to do one for career-enhancing reasons.

Applying for university admin jobs

Out of interest, what is your reason for wanting to apply for university admin jobs? If you would be happy doing that kind of work then you could also widen the net to other organisations e.g. charities/policy organisations where your topic knowledge may be of relevance.

I think you're right to rule out the top and bottom grades. Regarding the second top, you would probably need to prove you had some kind of supervisory/managerial experience or at least training to get those. By all means play down the highly technical bits of your PhD, but do play up stuff that might show a convincing narrative of why you are applying for this job (e.g. "When I organised my department's journal club I discovered how much I enjoyed co-ordinating events...." etc)

How did you come up with your title?

Mine was highly descriptive of what I had done - what kind of analysis using what kind of data on what kind of subjects.

I used to like a nice pun/witty title but now I work in policy and scan vast quantities of literature for relevant evidence, I find them quite annoying as it means extra effort is involved to check the relevance of a piece of work. This is more of a gripe I have with papers though, and as theses have a far more selective audience I don't think it matters so much so long as you are comfortable with it. Just make sure it doesn't lead your examiners to think your thesis is about something different to what it is!