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Advice needed on full/part time masters

With all bravado and gusto I applied to do a full time Masters thinking I can just absolutely blast it for the year, and work it out from there. Literally ever since I have been accepted, I have been having these doubts in my mind whether or not doing a full time masters whilst trying to look for a part time job is just too much. Having said that, I am not the most confident of people, and this could just be my crappy self esteem and slight anxiety kicking in.

The reason why I applied for full time masters is because I really don't have time on my side - I'm in my early 30s, I graduated seven years ago and have had nothing but a list full of retail jobs as work experience since. I've recently had to move back into my parents house as I lost my job due to cut backs, and where as they are incredibly supportive of whatever I want to do and enjoy the extra set of hands to help with my disabled brother, I really REALLY do not want to be spending years upon years back in my parents house like some sort of man child (sorry if that applies to certain people, its just not for me).

Here is the kicker too - I will be commuting to University (roughly 80 minutes on the train each way), so thats already chipping into the time that I could be spending working or studying.

Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Especially with needing to take on a part time job (10 hours would be sufficient) - or is it definitely a viable path to take? Can I (to quote what I said earlier), just absolutely blast it?