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Today has not been a waste because....

Today has not been a waste because I had assembled my mechanism and completed the circuit connections. So I can start a new experiment tomorrow.

Completing your dissertation


Can't wait to be at your position.
Would u mind to share some phd-related words of wisdom with us?
Are you in social science?



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... I don't like the industrial working environment and prefer to work in the university
... I used to work in a university previously and my employer (the university) asked me to continue my studies (master and phd degree)
... to get better position and salary
... to be a permanent staff in the university (phd is one of the requirements)
... so that I'll be able to teach my future students confidently and answer their questions well
... so that I'll be able to guide my future students to conduct their researches & so that I most probably won't destroy their lives- hahahaha
... wanted to create/ develop something... thought I could learn the skill to do so through phd.... but...
... during my undergrad, most of my syllabus were based on theory only... not much practical works had been done although I'm in engineering... so thought I could improve my practical/ hands on knowledge by doing phd... but phd is really difficult...
... I always wanted to go abroad to study... but was unable to do so during master and undergrad... I got the offer to do Phd in a foreign country... so I grabbed the chance...

converting from word to tiff format


I would like to convert a microsoft office word file with coloured figures to tiff format. I would like to retain the figures' colour. How can I do this? I tried to print using Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, but this will change the figure to grayscale and the highest dpi is only 300dpi. But I need more than 500dpi. And can the file size be reduced after being converted to tiff?

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

Will this pass?

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Hi Nthabi:-)

I understand how you feel. I used to feel the same way too. But looking at many threads in this forum, it is common to have this feeling during the first year. I think it's better not to think too much about what do your supervisors think about you. Instead, just focus on your work/ what you would like to investigate or study/ the problem that you would like to solve, why is it significant, how to do it etc. I come from a third world country, doing PhD in a developed country. Initially I felt very inferior with other students in my lab and university and I thought that my supervisor must had regretted for accepting me as his student. But this kind of thinking only make things worse and it might not has been true at all. Besides, it is better to think positively than negatively. It is less torturing.
I think the most important thing in PhD is not to give up even when things seem to be very blur or hopeless.

We can do it! (up):-)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year too!:-)

May this year be a better year compared to previous years...
& may we have a lot of progress in this year! hihihi:-):-):-)

Today has not been a waste because....

Today has not been a waste because I...
- figured out how the amplifier works
- learned about previous mathematical modeling but still have to continue to study about this tomorrow
- wrote my thesis in 15 minutes
- watched 'Gilmore Girls' season 6 & a movie
- replied an email from an old friend
- make/ prepare some plans for the coming weekend with my labmate

paper help needed


Although I think there's a very slim chance of getting this article, I really appreciate if anyone can help me to get it:
Tokuz, L. C., Hybrid machine modelling and control, Ph.D. thesis, Liverpool Polytechnic, U.K., 1992.


PhD in Pesticide Science


You can start by surfing the internet to find the supervisors/ universities that offer the subject that you are interested in and email them.

Good luck! (up)

Today has not been a waste because....

Today has not been a waste because I:

1. Read few papers and understand few things
2. Wrote some words for my thesis in 15 minutes
3. Printed some papers for tomorrow's work


Books on PhD

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Hi PatrickO,

Is this book suitable for "pure science" research or social science research?


Got through Viva!


Congratulations on becoming Dr. Charls! (up):-)

Can you share with us some tips or any words of wisdom in doing PhD? Especially when the thought of "giving up" crosses your mind.


The Originality Monster...oh dear.


Maybe you can refer to this thread:



Should I leave my PhD


How has it been going? Are your experiments working out now?

Today has not been a waste because....

Today has not been a waste because... I have corrected my coding and went to the origami class...
However, didn't attend the Japanese class and lab seminar... and my laundry still remain unfolded...