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Everyone's pregnant!

My PhD is misbehaving. Anyone know how I can discipline it?

Everyone's pregnant!

I'm not preganant.

Mind you, I didn't go to school with you.

And I'm male.

Oh well.... ;-)

Mortgages and PhD

I told my mortgage advisor to use the title "PhD researcher", which confers student status to those who know academia and the inferral of a "recognized" job to the ignoramuses/ignoramus'/ignorami who seem to comprise the vast majority of estate agents and bankers.

Competitive PhD students

Sounds like a classic insecurity complex.

I recommend the wet fish. (up)

superficial review comments

There should always be one statistician hiding in your department (somewhere), ferret them out. Failing that, bite the bullet and ask the maths department.

why oh why do I bother

Yellowtreble: take a break, you're no good as a researcher when you're burned out. Just because you're a PhDer doesn't mean your enslaved to your bench. Take some time off.

Can I pursue Ph.D?

Not being in IT I can't comment about doing a PhD in this field by distance. Certainly for science ones, I know of none that permit distance research. It is my experience though, that people do undertake a part time PhD but this can take upwards of 10 years.

Can I pursue Ph.D?

Hey Vinod,
First bear in mind this is primarily a UK based forum so any answers you get will be strongly skewed in that direction.
1. Yes, you can do a PhD whenever you like. I did mine after several years in industry and an MSc, it's not an issue.
2. The point of a PhD (generally) is that you pick what interests you and then go and research it, so pick what you want to specialise in and go for it.
3. 3-4 years

A special point that regularly comes up is financing. As you would be a foreign student there would be very little chance of obtaining a fully funded post. Foreign student fees are horrific, so be advised and come prepared to spend aboouuut £17,000 - £28,000 per annum, depending on the university.

Hope that helps.

PhD Dissertation in only 12 to 18 months !

I can offer anyone a PhD in just five minutes: for the small sum of £50 I will provide you a worthless piece of paper for a worthless qualification. Any takers? 8-)

Viva! Las Vegas.

Congrats! Heaps of congrats!

Now go out and terrorise banks with your new found status doctor!

night ramblings

Oh this is magnificent writing! I love this - If I were female, I'd want your babies.


I'll get my coat... :$

Research Fellowships - UK

Or go travelling first and use that as "experience" on your CV.

RAH! Incompetent Staff!!!

Tell them to take a flying jump!

Delays, delays and damnable days

My winge: I have an upgrade very soon. The first draft of report and presentation have been submitted for suggestions. My review paper (for publication) has been submitted for suggestions. I have multiple supervisors to spread the load.

Oh, and my experiment fluffed.

Thus endeth todays rant.

How do relationships fare?

Hi Bismarck,
I'd agree with a lot of the posts here: a stable relationship should be able to cope with the stress' and strains of a PhD, by which I mean the long hours, the "wierd science-y stuff" (in my case) and any insecurities that may arise (such as a partner (usually men) incorrectly perceiving themselves to suddenly be intellectually inferior). I would argue that it is great to have someone to unload your worries and woes on and for them to lovingly reciprocate on you. You may even find, as both of you will work long hours, that such a pattern enhances your relationship.
I liked your concerns about friends not understanding your PhD, gotta say would you understand their jobs? Finally, in answer to those who say a PhD is not a proper job I would say: "Try it!" 8-)(up)

@ Chrisrolinski: Send me a PM if you want an annonymous unloading session - I think I must have encountered every relationship problem going and I'm a great listener.