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Hatchet job on my work!

Remember: it's YOUR work, YOUR style of writing; the comments are merely suggestions and reflect this persons way of constructing and writing. Take 'em on board if you want; ignore those you don't.

End of the day; if you like it; submit it.

Health Clearance Forms

I may be wrong, but I would anticipate this form to enquire as to ongoing, medically controlled mental conditions (such as schizoprenia and bipolar disorder), transmissable infections (i.e.: hepatitis, HIV, TB) and chronic conditions such as asthma; Anything that may pose a risk to yourself or others.
Not being aware of your field of research and thus unable to determine if you will have patient/people contact makes a more detailed answer a bit difficult I'm afraid.
Personally (and brutally) I'd hedge my bets a bit on the anti-depressants (but not a lot) but do not think they would be overly concened over something such as bulaemia or anorexia. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Job Search

If you have previous professional experience you can probably get away with leaving it a bit. Without it, personally, I'd start sending letters now in the anticipation of between three to six months without employment owing to "lack of experience" coupled to the recession.

SMC University Graduates

Have you "Googled" their international reputation?

Out of curiosity, why have you applied to do a strenuous period of study without checking out your university? That's one hell of a big risk..

advice- comps? is this good or bad? should I quit?

Um...what? Me confused (no change there, then)..
Where are you (US/UK?), what are these comprehensive exams, what PhD are you doing, what is your issue and your third sentence is VERY long ;-)

Rental problems

Agreed; providing that you can prove sufficient income to cover the costs of the rental agreement there should not be any issues. Technically speaking your stipend is your salary so there are ways and means of working round it. Get the Estate agen to do it, that's what you pay them for. :-)

Translation Advice Needed

Google translation services and ring around for quotes but be aware of potential copyright infringements. If it's research material, stick it on your research budget


Golden rule - don't panic! Nervousness at the upgrade is natural and whatever you do will feel like you haven't done enough. What you have to prove to the panel is your project has some substance and you have a clear understanding of your aims and objectives.
So first up, know why you're doing these Western blots and what they show. Second, how do they fit into the scope of your work and where is the project going. This puts your work into perspective.
Background knowledge is a toughie - only thing for it is to read widely; your lit review for the report will help here. This will also help in the understanding of the greater scope of your work. Again, don't panic about it! If you knew your project inside and out, you'd already have the PhD..
Supervisor approachability is difficult for PhDers - what is the context of the relationship: professional or teacher:student? Depends on you and them. My advice would be to approach him/her with carefully crafted ideas and directions for your work - show them you are capable of independent thought and are actively taking control of your work. You'll figure it out as you go along. I would say, and this is a particular bugbear of mine (not aimed at you personally), that your super is not there to provide you all the answers. You are not a "student" in the traditional sense any longer (being spoonfed), but a paid professional and should be finding the majority of your own answers. That is the difference between a student and researcher.
So finally, don't panic - plan your prioritised itinerary. This will help you get things into a working order and give you some cohesion.
Best of luck

Please help my frnd

Urban development in Mumbai perhaps? :-)

How can I deal with this bad supervisor?

Hi pgs3,
I've tried reading all this thread and, once I finished untangling myself from the very convoluted ribbons of thought two things became very clear to me. I hope you will not take this post the wrong way; it is my outside opinion of what may be of use to you.
1) My sincerest condolences for your loss, there truly is nothing that can ever completely assuage the grief of losing a child, even one at the 1st trimester. However, there is no point ranting at other people trying to blame them for a miscarriage - you have a bio/medical background (as do I) so you also know that miscarriages just happen and often for no obvious reason whatsoever (chromosomal abnormalities aside). This was just terribly unfortunate and blaming work/other people for pure misfortune I think is grossly unfair on them. I agree with several people here that talking to someone would be very advantageous and the uni counsellor would be the best place to ask advice or have a quiet chat. This has happened to plenty of people (including my wife) so you are not alone in this respect.
2) If your super is stealing your work, go see the divisional head - it's unethical and fraudulent. Get this into the open.
3) 3 papers in oder to graduate? Sounds like tosh to me, I would again see the division head about this and get a review. For the latter 2 points, if you're not happy about the responses from the div head, go see the union. Whatever happens, fight for your rights, PhDs are hard enough without this cr*p going on!
Best of luck and, once again, I am sorry for your loss

Research Project on Supervisors - I need your help!

Be professional, friendly is fine but your home life is tabboo. Do not get romantically involved with your student. At all times be courteous and polite; bossy/arrogant/superiority complex is not appreciated and will earn you nothing but contempt. Be patient and helpful wherever possible, but not a walkover - be firm where necessary. Regarding your colleagues and professional relationships in a new post: Respect must be earned - it is not given automatically.

OK, I haven't graduated yet but 10 years as a private tutor and 5 in the professional sector opened my eyes when I left Uni. Above all, enjoy the experience, I envy you! (up)

Doing a PhD while living elsewhere - can it work?

I'm an hour and a half away from mine (by rail) and go in five days a week. It is tough sometimes but doable. It is possible though that your woirk efficiency will not be as high as it could be because commuting is so tiring.

Upgrade balloons!

Well done 'bug; shame about the bad news but the original post is truly awesome

help me keep going!

Answer the questions: "what, where, when, why and how" for every point you can think of in your explanations.  Anticipate questions. Be objective (that is to say put yourself in a different frame of mind and then attack your work ruthlessly, identify weakness and then correct or explain)  Speculate within reason and most of all, make sure your rationale for everything is water tight.

Any good for you?

help me keep going!

Prelim report for what? Have you got their opinion on where it needs to improve? Who's opinion is it that the report is not good enough? How much time have you got?