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Applying for PhD Anthropology

Hi everyone,

This 2021 will be my second year pursuing a PhD in Anthropology (cultural). I applied last year in the UK to three unis and got into all of them but didn't get the funding. I ended up in a waiting list but I was unlucky. At least in the UK we don't hear back from feedback regarding the application, so I didn't know what was the reason why I didn't get it, although some professors told me that Brexit + covid had a lot to do with that.

Anyway, this year I am planning to apply to around 14 unis in the US, as now they opened competition again and I really want to go for it. I am so scared about not getting it this year once again, that I need some advice, as I feel very lonely in the process and it's very hard emotionally.

I am wondering if you could say if it is very competitive try to get into a PhD in USA. I studied my Undergrad in History and had two years MA in social anthropology with research experience and fieldwork. My cumulative GPA is around 3.3 and for my last dissertation I wrote a thesis for about 250 pages. During my undergrad I had four international stays abroad and I lived in six countries. I just have one publication but collaborated in academic contexts for all these years. Now I work in an NGO supporting people with autism to pass their undergrad. I don't know if with my expertise I am competitive enough, as you might know that normally they admit 7-10 students per 250 applications, and sometimes I feel I am not, as I don't know how the competence is.

I am also wondering if you may know what is the most important part regarding the application process (statements, cv, etc.) and if it is extremely important to reach out with professors at the department before applying.

I appreciate any answer or advice you could give, anything will be helpful. Thanks for everything.