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Which one should I choose, an MBA or an MSc in international HRM? I'm dyslexic. (My Story)

I belong from a third world country and left my high school education in 2002 as I always had trouble studying. I tried my best during school to keep up with my studies but unfortunately, I failed the examination. I never found attachments with textbooks and the classroom (Reading was not my thing at all). I was declared a dull student with no scope in future. After being hounded by my family, friends and relative I accepted that I wasn’t bright enough to secure a better position in life.

However, I always had this intuition that I can outperform others with my knowledge and creativity. Soon after leaving school, I entered into my job life and did several jobs for the next 7 years. Due to the fact that I wasn’t getting any better jobs because of my “education”, I took a leap of faith to launch my own startup in 2009 to offer recruitment services for the UK market. Today after 10 years my business has successfully generated revenue of £3.5 Million and have grown from one man operation to 35 headcounts.

Fast forward… Since I had no education and wanted to achieve my dream of attaining a degree (for myself and my parents to prove my credibility), I applied for a masters program in 2019 based on my management experience but without a degree background. I was successfully enrolled at a recognised university in the UK after my interview and scoring 7 bands.

This is an MSc International Human Resource Management. I am currently undergoing my 3rd Unit in this programme. Knowing the fact that I resumed my study after a long period of 17 years I still struggled hard to keep up with my ability to study until I was finally diagnosed as a Dyslexic (through assessment). I don’t want to quit my study but I also have this challenge with reading and understanding the contexts of anything I go through. I feel I have chosen the wrong degree since MSc has a tough study pattern which is more inclined towards theoretical focus (research, analytic, critique and quantitative assignments) which needs a lot of reading. My university also offers an MBA programme which now I think would be a better choice if it has a practical orientation study pattern.

Can anyone please guide me if MBA is relatively less theoretical focused if compared with MSc programme? Should I switch my course to an MBA programme? What are the core differences between these two degrees? I understand the general difference but keen to know if choosing an MBA would make any difference knowing the fact that I struggle hard with my reading ability?

I never thought I would be dyslexic and to be fairly honest, I haven’t informed the university about this disability (I fear they may terminate my enrollment and cancel my studentship). Shall I switch to an MBA programme? will it be “easier” for me to achieve it as compared to Msc programme?

PLEASE HELP… Thank you in advance.