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Is this a sign I should leave academia?

Hi all,

I got awarded pass, subject to minor corrections (UK).
Throughout my PhD, I never got helpful opportunities (through luck, contacts or research). Nor did I get praised for my research (including my examiners). Not have I ever won anything.
No matter how much I tried, I failed. I did not benefit from a supportive environment, and I feel like this is key in helping get a foot in the door. I'm so sad that other supervisors in my department helped their students get relevant experiences (co-authorship, introduction to colleagues in their field, involvement in research projects, decent examiners etc). I got nothing of the sort. I'm on my own looking for jobs and have no one helping me.
I feel like this means I should give up. I've seen a pattern in who gets a permanent job or a postdoc. It's those with a supportive department and supervisors. I think I'm doomed.

ICYMI: The Case for Colonialism

About 15 members of the editorial board have resigned, following the decision of the Editor. Their main concern is that the paper failed the peer-review process, yet the editor decided to publish it anyways.


Terrible thesis

I am worried as I submitted a thesis because I had to. However, it was not polished with regards to formatting. I also feel like something is missing. It is short and I did not give enough background on my case study, and one of my supervisors told me that the purpose of my research was not clear - shortly before submission.

I feel like I am such a terrible person, because I should have been able to submit something more decent. I want to show that I did enough work for 4 years. But this is not showing on my thesis. I don't want to be told to come back with an MPHIL. Major corrections would be ok because it would allow me to write something decent.

One of my supervisors said I should not feel bad about my thesis because they read it and think it's ok (not great, but not terrible).

How can I stop feeling terrible? I had no choice. I had to submit. I didn't have time to read it before submitting it, so I am expecting to see major typos, etc. I don't want to open it. I am too embarrassed to even go to the viva and face my examiners, and tell them 'here's what I have done in 4 years. I did not even have time to proof it, and check for consistency.'

I feel like I already know the outcome - realistically speaking, the best I can hope for is major corrections. I am worried of not getting that.

I would appreciate kind words to calm me down. Many thanks.

Last minute advice for a rushed thesis

Quote From Tudor_Queen:
Is this to submit your draft thesis to supervisors? If so then why not request an extension? What's the point in submitting something in such as rush if it CAN be helped? Details are important... they really affect the overall picture and quality of a piece of work.

I'd say leave punctuation, terminology, and the bibliography for now and get the conclusion written (yes I think you can write it in a day - I haven't yet written my thesis but I have achieved miracles in writing sections of papers in a day). Then take a break and come back to the punctuation and terminology. Take another break and then return to the references.

But seriously - request an extension to the end of the week at least if you can. If not and you are submitting now then I think it is important to let them know that certain parts are not complete (e.g., you haven't checked the bibliography).

Good luck.

This is a final submission.
I will do my best. I cannot request an extension. I also do not want to, as I am working.

ICYMI: The Case for Colonialism

I have read the article. I am angry that a professor can get away with it. I would never be able to publish such an incendiary piece of work, that lacks academic methods. There was no need for the author to shame post-colonial scholars to show his disagreement. He speaks in such a condescending manner, I am surprised the editor accepted it.

To finish it off, he did not even bother with presenting his argument in a scientific way.

I am so angry that some people can get away with such things, when the rest of us get articles rejected for not being rigorous, for not explaining concepts, for not providing supporting evidence, for not offering a fair assessment of the scholarship etc.

I do not think he ever explained what colonialism is. I have not seen it treated extensively in the paper. He assumes we know what he means. But this is a theoretical paper. How can he not dedicate some sections of his paper to discussing this concept?

Where is the care and respect for academic research in this paper? This is infuriating.

Last minute advice for a rushed thesis


I am hoping to be done with my conclusion chapter today.
I will only have a few days to polish my thesis (right now, the chapters are in separate documents). I am tired, but also I need to present something that looks professional. What can I do with regards to the following:
1. Punctuation (especially since there are different conventions with regards to when one should use a specific type of comma or quotation marks).
2. Bibliography. I have not done this yet. I am pretty sure I will be forgetting some references, because this is a very rushed piece of work. What is the worst that can happen is I find out I am missing, or not finding references? I hope it does not come to this.
3. Argument. I feel like I am using different words/expressions, and I probably need to change them, but at this point, if I do the bibliography, and have a draft, I should submit it. There is no time for details.

Also, can I write a conclusion in a day?

Please do not judge me. I am already full of self-hate for being in this position.

10 days before submission

Quote From TreeofLife:
All is not lost. I've known several students who have done this, it's not advisable, but they've passed with either minor or major corrections so I'm sure you will pass too.

Has your supervisor seen drafts of chapters?

Hi, thanks for your reply. He has seen drafts a few months ago, but the issue is that I am now having to add more detail in my chapters and moving sections to other chapters. How long does it take to check references and write an appendix? Would 2 days to check references and 2 days to format the thesis be ok? I need to do my appendix, write the table of figures, the table of contents, and the abstract in terms of editing. I would also need to proof read my work. How many days does it take to proof read? I won't be able to spend more than 2 days on it I think.

10 days before submission


Is it normal if I am still doing some heavy editing 10 days before submission, and have not yet shown a full draft to my supervisor? I am planning on submitting this a week before the final deadline, which will not be enough time to make heavy changes, but I am seriously hoping it will all be ok in the end.

Please tell me not all is lost yet.