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Walminski's It Should Happen to a PhD student Bloopers Thread.

I can't think of any real bloopers, but I remember having a supervisory meeting, and I when I opened my mouth to answer a question, my throat made a weird croaking squeak which sounded like it came from outside the room. My supervisor kind of looked at me in a very bemused way, at which point I realised the sound had come from me. I couldn't help but laugh, but the kind of hysterical laugh you really can't stop. I think I was in stitches for about 10 minutes, and repeatedly apologised for not being able to talk. It really tickled me, and I just got uncontrollable giggles. I was actually crying with laughter (and am really tickled just thinking about it)!

It happened before as well, when I had to correct a spelling error of my supervisors and got the giggles bad style to the point of tears.

He must think I'm bonkers!

The One Goal Thread

My goal for today is to re-acquaint myself with SPSS (my old friend) and input data for about 100 questionnaires. :-(

I'd love to say I'm looking forward to this, but alas, I am not.

Does your research have personal significance to you?

I didn't think my research held much significance until I finished and started to really think about what it meant to me.

I realised my initial interest in the area was because of my brothers. I'm not going into details, but I have a lot to thank them for in a weird kind of way.

I realise how vague I'm being, but in response to your question... yes my research does have personal significance to me. :-)


Hate to say it, but I don't think we'll ever replace Cleverclogs. I miss him... :-(

Garryck is a close second though... I gain great ammusement reading about his X-Factor democratics.

Another Survey Wooo!

I loved this survey... but it made me realise how little time I actually spend with my fish. Poor fishie. I might take him (or her... I'm a bad owner, I don't even know if it's a he or a she) for a walk.

If I had a fish that died because it jumped out the tank, I think I'd reconsider owning fish. Fish suicide that is!!

Quite truthfully, this survey has made my day. :$ Thanks Duel_Jetty!

A few viva prep questions :-)

Hi guys...

I need to start viva prep soon so reading about your experience BB has been really useful! Thanks!!

I think I am going to do a mock viva... mainly because I'm not the most confident speaker, and find it easier to articulate in writing, so think it'll be helpful for me to practice what I want to say.

In addition to this, and preparing for the 5 main outcomes of a PhD (originality, contribution to knowledge, etc), I'm going to read up and prepare on theories and methods I didn't use. My examiners are very theoretical and I'm not so I worry they might ask questions I'm totally clueless about so want to be prepared for that. Other than that, I think summarising the key findings from the research is a good idea... I went to see a very knowledgeable professor a few weeks ago about some funding opportunities and he asked me to sum up my findings and I found it really challenging but useful, so will do some prep on that.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd appreciate the tips.

When is your viva lilbopeep?

Lost my mojo

Hi Teek,

I just wanted to send a short reply to let you know you're not alone! I felt like this plenty times during the PhD... almost like feeling as if there was no real point to doing any work. This was really true a few months ago when a lot was going on at home. A family member was diagnosed with a terminal illness, which took me away from the PhD more, and even though my supervisor told me to take time off, I felt guilty at the thought because I'd been so slack in the months beforehand. In the end I just didn't have any motivation to do anything, yet was riddled with guilt for feeling that way.

What I did was to just set small targets. If I was writing a chapter, I'd say in the morning "I will get part A of the chapter done today", even if that was only 500 words. Reaching my target each day made my motivation grow, because I could see the work getting done - even if it was slow progress, and eventually was finishing tonnes of stuff each day. My advice would be to just set small targets until you're feeling more motivated. Ruts are hard to dig ourselves out of but I always think its easier to take each rung of the ladder on at a time, instead of trying to get to the top in one big jump. (I realise how cheesy that sounds).

Good luck!!

Just a favour really

PM me your email and I'll send it to you. :-)

Submitted :-)

Thanks sneaks!! You'll get there soon too!! :-)

Italy is my top choice... I was planning on travelling around last summer but other plans arose and we went somewhere different. I love volcanoes so really want to go hike up Vesuvius or something. The wine and food are a bonus!!

Submitted :-)

Thanks guys!!

I had a mega lie in this morning which was nice... but have decided the first thing I need to do is clean my house. It's been neglected recently. :-(

I've narrowed my holiday choices down to America, Portugal, Italy, or Germany. Hmmm. Decisions!

Submitted :-)

Thanks guys!

Wally that video is ace!! I especially like the penguin!!

I would love to go to the Dominican Republic Alpaca!!! Ooooh... it's so, so tempting. I may just price it up!

Passed viva - wahoo!

Congrats Bilbo!!! Or should I say Dr Bilbo!!

Submitted :-)

I submitted my thesis today about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. For the first time, I actually feel really excited!!! It was a great feeling, and I'm actually quite looking forward to my viva.

I've decided to take some time off though before even thinking about preparation!!

Anyone want to recommend some nice relaxing holiday destinations?? 8-)

should have gone to Belford University!

Get your doctoral degree in just 15 days?!!

I'm in!!

"Click here to order your degree"

Hi, yes, I'll have one PhD, thanks, and why not throw in a MSc while your at it!

what benefits will i get..??


As a full time student you will get free council tax. Not sure about other benefits though.

Perhaps you could look for a part time job to do on the days you're not in college to cover the other costs?