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Living On Your Own For The First Time

by joanna1st
on November 06, 2014
Taking the decision of moving out for the first time is a hard process which takes lots of preparation. Not long after you've made your choice to live on your own or share a flat with friends, you will find out things are not as simple as you have imagined them to be. ...

Post-Graduate Career Choices

by joanna1st
on June 02, 2014
Graduation is one of the most important steps of your corporational career development, yet prior to acquiring the job of your dreams, you will most probably need to take a couple of jobs which are not related to your education. Having graduation certificate doesn't prove you're good at what you do - experience does. That's why in most cases, graduates who hadn't worked a probation job usually find it hard to get employed in a big, renown company right away.

Every Job Counts!

Finding the right internship might seem to you like the hardest challenge you can ever get through, yet it is even easier than your wildest dreams. ...

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