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Qualitative research conferences *advice*

Hello All,

I just want some advice from those of you who are using/have used qualitative methodologies in their PhD. I am wanting to make full use of the research conferences that are out there across the country but wondered which ones people could suggest- I see Bournemouth are holding a masterclass in grounded theory next week but I cannot make that one. Any suggestions?
I will not be starting the PhD until late September but I wanted to at least increase my knowledge of the conferences that are out there for qualitative research and put them on my calendar.

I would appreciate your help


Lee (up)

can I do some MPhil/MSc modules in my first year of PhD


thank you very much for your replies, very helpful! I have been i touch with my supervisor and she is investigating for me (she is brill)


can I do some MPhil/MSc modules in my first year of PhD

Good Evening all!

Just wanted some advice really if anyone can help at all.... I am starting my PhD in September this year and was lucky enough to be given a scholarship :-D but I wanted to know whether it is possible to do some MPhil/MSc modules in the first year (obviously appropriate ones for my research) to strengthen my knowledge? My University has a good student development programme which I will make full use of but has anyone done any MPhil modules in the first year?

Look forward to hearing from you

Lee :-):p

determining prevalence using cross sectional study

Good Morning Hazyjane!

Many thanks for your advice and assistance. I will hope to use data already collected in the medical records but construct a questionnaire to be sent to generate quantitative data on the prevalence in a set area. I agree with you point; that bias is a risk in this area but due to it being set to a specific area I think it will help avoid this. Definitely sample size calculations needs to be done using probability sampling perhaps? I think it is important to give everyone the chance to be included in this study to avoid any selection bias; do you agree?
Thanks for your help about data cleaning; I will definitely get in touch with other users about coding problems etc.

Many thanks indeed

Lee :-)

determining prevalence using cross sectional study

Good Morning,

Looking for some input into problems and special considerations that need to be taken into consideration when looking to do cross sectional (retrospective) in the primary care setting such as the prevalence of leg ulceration in substance misusers. Any special consideration apart from consent, confidentiality, vulnerability etc that needs to be taken into account?
I understand that anything retrospective relies on people remembering the events. I am thinking maybe mixed methods approach would be suitable for this? Any thoughts would be much appreciated