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2nd Year Accountability thread

Hey Sneaks!! I think maybe we will miss each other sometimes, since I think you work in the day whereas I work at night!!...

Anyways, its a good start getting these first few tentative words for the chapter, and I think getting those first few words can often be the hardest- peope have different styles as we have seen in other posts, some people will write every word carefully and really mean it (thus no need for much editing) whereas others will write like crazy anything they can think of to get them started, then edit later. I follow the latter approach which works for me, as I find if I write everything that occurs to me at the beginning (even if over 50% of it is rubbish), I find this way allows me to get started more easily on the work concerned and 'get into it'...Have you tird playing with different appraches?

Regarding the balance with other committments, it seems your time isn't as free as you would like it to be...so all I can suggest is when you do get the time to maximise the efficiency in how you use the limited time each day you have set aside for 'phd' work-I have seen some people achieve more in an hour than others will in a day- so that means no distractions close emails, facebook, bbc website etc!! Also with regard to the problem of accessing materials in the industrial place, is it possible to download your articles in intend reading before you go there at home, and then either print them or access them via an email attachement while you are there? I know sometimes, something can only strike you at the time, but often if you plan ahead your reading the day before, then I think it can help to alleviate these problems to an extent...

anyways im off to bed now! I managed to get the chapter read and summarised, and im pretty happy that I found it to be very relevant to my research in the end which is always good!! anyway, I will check back in the morning with my goals for tomorrow (sorry its today now, dint realise the time!!):-x but first a cup of tea!

2nd Year Accountability thread

OK, my goal for today is to just read a chapter of a book- its really long and looks pretty complicated,so I'm gonna take it slow! and its Tuesday, and I hate Tuesdays REALLY...its weird, I wonder does anyone else have certain days you hate working on, like a mental barrier? For me its Mondays and Tuesdays- I have no problem with working weekends just not these days!! oh and rituals before you can begin anyone else? For me, I have to put all my make up on and fix my hair!! lol even if im only working at home, I can only work after I feel I look good, no slouching around in pj's for me! As I feel more determined to get stuck in then!! lol

Anyways Sneaks, thanks for joining me!!! So what are your targets for today?

Ok I'm gonna check in later, this time I really really will!!

2nd Year Accountability thread

Lol !!! Oh God, after I posted last week my internet has been pretty much down- I rue the day I went back to dial up (I'm aborad this term) and its drving me ab-sol-utely crrazzzyyy. This was made worse by the constant torrential rain, so I couldn't go into Uni!! anyways, yep I was able to actually get more work done than I set myself because of this!, since I had no internet and was stuck inside my apartment all weekend...Though yesterday I was pretty lame, catching up on sending tons of emails from last week...

Ok so I have my internet up and running again (for the moment) so I'm going to make a second attempt at this but boy is this is going to have some getting used to-since I am the person who buys a new academic diary and personal diary every few months only to forget about it after the first entry lololol so I'm going to try really hard to this!!!

Anyways, cheers Tokyo rabbit and sneaks for your replies!!! It's a kind offer to join the 'original' thread Tokyorabbit, but I think if sneaks and myself can get this going now, I think it will be great for second years since the original thread with yourselves is at a different stage in the prcoess , and has resulted to be more geared towards the fiinal submission process! So hopefully if it is still running next year I can join then:p

Anyways, I will check back later this morning with my goal's for today, cause im knackered now!!!

2nd Year Accountability thread

So my story:
Progress to date: So first of all, my field is in law and at the moment I am predominatly a night worker though I am trying to change with little steps, though I am getting better in finishing before midnight nowadays! So I had a pretty crap first year, in which I descended into a deep depression as a result of numerous family issues (god I sound like an x factor sob story lol!) but thankfully pulled myself out of it!!! So I pulled myself together at the end of first year and have now written 2 chapters out of 5 (between May and November-prime example of my inconsistency!), and have a few publications accepted.

Medium Term Goals, before next upgrade review in May (6 months)- to get third chapter researched thoroughly and written (its the main chapter and will mean the most work), and some publications produced. This will be broken down into a month for further researching each of the 3 sub headings of the chapter and 3 months to write it,

short term goals: next 2 weeks, prepare presentation to be given soon and read and write book review which is due v. soon.

Ok!! so my first daily goal: is to quickly grad a sandwich, then read a number of articles I have piled up which will be useful for my presentation soon (2pm-9pm) , Then also to sort out a number of article lying around my place and write down a very prcise and detailed plan of action for the next 5 weeks up until christmas (9pm-11pm)- so I will check back later tonight with my progress update!! I am really exicted now! even if no one else decides to join me in keeping progress tabs (which would be great) it still feels as though I will have to justify my work to myself every day just by the simple fact of posting it every morning and night!!

2nd Year Accountability thread

Hi all! I have been lurking around here for a while, observing and taking comfort from the supportive nature of the forum but not actively contributing. In particular, I been deeply impressed by the accountability thread initiated by Lara, which I can say benefited not only those involved in posting their progress, but also those of us like myself, who gained some motivation from watching how others forced themselves into meeting deadlines.

The reason I have decided at this stage to post, was because of the thread posted yesterday (sorry, I cannot remember it now!) but the one with 'kudos' in it, referring to those of us, who feel like failures because we have a seemingly intrinsic tendency to thrive on the pressure of last minute deadlines. When I saw it I can honestly say, I breathed the hugest sigh of relief! I have never ever once, despite many many attempts, been able to be 'consistent'- I have been able to get away with it in the past, because somehow have been able to get the high grades with beginning revising on the day for exams, writing essays on the day they are due etc But now when it comes to the PhD stage, I have always felt like I am not an 'academic' person since I cannot work 9-5 every day on the research. Its weird, its not that I am lazy, because I have worked all through my education (this is the first time I havent since starting the funded phd) and I could easily manage 8 or 12 hour shifts, the problem, I really think lies with the nature of the work itself, and that I an only thrive in terms of eureka moments, when I leave it until the last minute.

But I think its got to change, as this can't go on into professional life. So here's what I propose, what about allof us that feel like this, (and who WANT to change, I say this because some may feel that they are happy with this and this is entirely valid) but for those of us who really want to change our ways we could try and force ourselves into 'consistency' through posting on this thread?? The main motivation for me, is that I just want to get the PhD done in the minimum 3 years, so I can then move onto the next stage of my career.

So if anyone is interested, maybe we can each first, post a little on our current progress, such as at what stage you are at now, what has been achieved to date and what are your current goals weekly, montly and for end of year which you hope to achieve, before then beginning (with the example lara has started) with then going on to break it down into daily goals, with daily postings.