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Thursday, 2 May 2019 at 3:23am
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Thread: PhD Quantitative Finance - Advice

02-May-19, 03:58
by MG_JV
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posted about 1 year ago
Hey, (:
I'm currently studying a master in science with a specialisation in probability and statistics. I'm just about to finish but not really sure what my next step should be.
I'd like to study a PhD in Quantitative Finance (or something related to that) however I wonder if it's better to jump into industry or a PhD is worth it. Before my master I was working on a bank on the trading floor (structuring investor products), now I'm 28 and I fear that from 3-5 years now it could be hard to find a job in industry :/ I enjoyed working on the industry but I'm really curious about studying a PhD (I just can't make up my mind)
I'm looking for some advice mainly from people who is studying something related to QF. I'd like to get to know how studying a PhD (of this type) is, some of your experiences, do you think is worth it, is it hard, any programs/scholarships recommendations... economically is hard to live with a scholarship for 3-5 years?, what about finding a job when you finish your PhD, institutions take into account a PhD in this area?

Thanks for reading me, I'd appreciate your comments (:
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