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Where to study in English in Prague?

by mipel
on September 02, 2014
Whether you need to enhance your CV, increment your options or raise your pay, it’s conceivable to gain a graduate or doctorate degree in Prague in English! Here is the list of the colleges that offer education in English.
Charles University - being the international educational institution that it has been all around the ages, it’s no big surprise that Charles University is extremely open to worldwide students. Also who would not wish to study in Prague? Except its proficient scholastic history, there's the culture of the city, also enough clubs and pubs to make you forget about everything that you took in at the last class. ...

First days in Prague

by mipel
on January 08, 2014
Prague is one of the most famous European cities. Located in the Czech Republic by the Veltava river is the biggest town and capital of the country. If anyone had chance to visit the city, walk along streets of its old town, know why it’s so famous.
Prague is simply stunning, the old town with its narrow streets, churches, and castles makes it one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world. What a foreign student and a new person in town can do there? Well, one thing is learning, second, sightseeing, third, partying.
Learning. I’m studying in New York University in Prague, and it’s pretty good private, English language university. ...

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