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How are competetive studentships awarded?

In my experience, it's based on the quality of your research proposal, your academic qualifications, and getting yourself known (ie. a faceless application will probably not win a studentship).


I went to a seminar where the trainer based much of his material on two books. He said at the beginning 'lots of this seminar is found in X and Y books' and in the handout he listed the books at the beginning of the handout, and then much of the content was points drawn directly from the books. As long as you are very clear about it being someone else's work, it should be okay.

Photocopying the books would breach copyright.

The 4 star VIP thread!

I didn't notice this thread and I'm a member! :p

Thanks for the congrats, Bug.

Now it's the race to five stars! (I imagine that involves being thanked a 1,000 times).

Adverts and forum geography

It's shrunk a lot (but vertically too??) and I've been using a widescreen today. I doubt I'll like it on a 14 inch laptop screen.

This is a commercial site so we can't complain.

Need some advice!

Is the university in the "late 70s" in tables for your discipline or generally? You really want to try to get a top 10/20 department for your subject, general rankings are less important.

Have you considered other variables? What are the supervisors like in the uni's you're looking? The research project? The department? The location?

Phd stipend & tax question

Your supervisor is telling porkies.

How clever are you?

Quote From cleverclogs:

Misspacey, you're implying that being a high school biology teacher isn't an honourable profession and/or that it's for unintelligent people. Nonsense.

I don't care much about having a high IQ, but some of you obviously feel obliged to discredit it to make you feel better about your low IQ. Go look at the list of people with the highest IQs and you'll see they're almost all extremely accomplished mathematicians, physicists, chess players, etc.

No, I'm not implying that at all. The pupil, however, certainly was implying something along those lines, for the specific intention of winding the teacher up.

The my favourite movie thread

Quote From algaequeen:

And In Bruges is just brilliant!! 

I loved In Bruges too, but I also loved the DVD extras... including the boat trip of Bruges.

postgradforum app?

Digressing a little...but apart from the fact the Ipod Touch doesn't make calls, is it pretty much the same as the IPhone? I want something for apps (odd access to email and looking at maps), but I'm not willing to take out a new phone contract as I've managed to build up loads of loyalty discounts.

I think T-Mobile are now (or are about to) offer the IPhone, and they do a 'web n' walk' web access that is unlimited (within reason).

How clever are you?

I'm not surprised some people think a PhD=genius/boffin (I'd probably do the same). My Aunt is still convinced I'm becoming a medical doctor and keeps asking me about her pacemaker.

I'm no expert in this area, but hasn't the efficacy of IQ test pretty much been rubbished? Eg. we have lots 'child geniuses' who ace IQ tests, but then often grow up to be very average functioning adults. Equally, we have adults with amazingly high IQs but with sub-standard communications skills or very low intellect or common sense (often found working in the bowels of universities - no offence!).

Surely the most effective balance (successful equation) is good intelligence (if we consider this narrowly as IQ) combined with knowledge, reasoning, understanding, wisdom, creativity, and MOST importantly common sense (maybe these fall under 'intellect'). I agree with RubyW, for PhDs, tenacity and stamina (of marathon proportions!) are vital.

As far as MENSA goes, my opinion of that particular organisation was formed when I was in high school. A biology teacher (who was particularly nasty character) did not hold back on telling her pupils and colleagues about her MENSA membership. One day a pupil said 'If you're in MENSA, why are you working as a biology teacher in high school?'. She never talked about her 'badge of honour' again.

The my favourite movie thread

Walminski, I found Bad Boy Bubby a little too tormented and heavy compared to Withnail. I actually didn't finish watching it, but it's on youtube so will give it another go.

Another two favourites of mine (again quirky and a little dark) are Harold and Maude, and Being There.

The my favourite movie thread

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It's really hard to choose one favourite movie, but to be terribly unoriginal, it would probably be Withnail and I. I've watched this more times than any other movie, and was a fan long before I discovered it was a student cult classic (and drinking game!). Richard E Grant and Richard Griffiths are legends in it (McGann is a little forgettable).

I also love Tim Burton's movies (a toss up between Beetle Juice and Edward Scissorhands being the best).

I'm also a huge fan of Meryl Streep (Silkwood, Falling in Love, and Sophie's Choice being my favs). I'm looking forward to Julie and Julia!

Sorry, couldn't pick just one! (I'd also be given the cold-shoulder by the call-centre manager, Walkminski!).

@Eska, I also loved Moonstruck (Cher should have done more movies rather than music!!).

Viva loveliness!

Congratulations!!! (up)

minimum wage as a postdoc?

In the UK, the average postdoc is about 24k, so say approx. 27,000 euros gross. So compared to the UK (and given that some European countries pay higher academic salaries compared to the UK), the pay is low.

But you don't say which country the job position is in???

Thesis Submitted and...

If you're under 'writing up' status and not a FT student (and obviously seeking work), then you can claim JSA.