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Thread: Resume HELP! Applying for the role of "Project Consultant" Adding Project Section to Resume?

21-May-16, 20:27
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posted about 4 years ago
I just graduated with an MS Geoscience and so my past projects are focused on soil identification, reservoir modelling, well and water testing etc. using a lot of Geology equipment and software.

I am trying to apply for the role of "Project Consultant" but it is not a Geoscience company. One of the requirements is an MS in (any) Natural Science or Engineering or Economics etc etc... They don't require any previous consulting experience.

The point is, my actual academic training doesn't seem to be relevant. They want people with good communication and organization skills and so on.

I completed A LOT of projects in undergrad and graduate school but my work experience is limited to teaching undergraduate class and part time clerical work to make ends meet while at University.

Some of these projects I was a team lead, and for others I was doing it independently (meaning I was the only researcher/investigator and I had an academic adviser or committee).

How do I list Geological projects and make it more general? The company is NOT going to care about the Geological equipment or software etc.

An example of one project I did was I used a radiometric dating technique to find the age of a lava flow in Canada. I did ALL the lab work got all the results, wrote a paper and presented it at the host University although I allegedly had an academic adviser.

How do I translate that into something that catches HR's interest?

Any helpful ideas or feedback would be appreciated!

Thread: The Industrial PhD in Germany or The Netherlands

13-May-16, 04:06
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posted about 4 years ago
Hi TreeofLife and Engineer. Thanks for your replies.

Thread: The Industrial PhD in Germany or The Netherlands

02-May-16, 02:33
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posted about 4 years ago
Hi Guys! I hope everyone is busy and that's why there haven't been any replies to this thread. Haha!

Thread: The Industrial PhD in Germany or The Netherlands

23-Apr-16, 23:36
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posted about 4 years ago
Hello all! I graduated with an MS from the USA and I am really interested in pursuing a PhD in Germany or The Netherlands. I would really like to do something with Industrial application. I am not familiar with the PhD system in Europe so I have a bunch of questions I hope you guys can help me with! :)

1. For those who are doing or have done an Industrial PhD in Europe, how did you find your position? Was it an advertised vacancy on a jobboard like Stepstone of did you find it on the individual company websites?

2. If these are advertised on jobboards, which ones should I be looking at?

3. Were you a company employee or an external candidate when you applied?

4. Is it possible to get a company to fund your project proposal? My area is Geoscience, particularly groundwater, renewable energy storage, geothermal energy and subsurface storage. I guess they would want you to complete something they are interested in, but is it possible to apply with a project proposal to a company?

5. Any idea of companies that offer this sort of thing in the EU in my areas of interest?

6. Did you end up working at the company or did you go into academia?

7. Any other information would be wonderful.
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