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First week...should I quit?

Hi, new here and just looking for advice. I have just started a 4 year funded PhD straight off the back of my undergrad and having major doubts. I suffer with anxiety and depression as it is and I just have no motivation. I'm supposed to have started this week but im already bored, anxious and tearful and just can't make myself do anything....am yet to read a single paper and my hearts just not in it.

I want to quit but also have some reservations, mainly because its such early days and also because id feel awful for messing the uni around so much. There's also the issue of going back to being unemployed with no income (graduated in June and been unemployed since so big gap already). I dont know what to do but if im bored and fed up before I even start whats the point. It might be the depression talking but I just dont care enough to try.

Any advice?