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Thread: The Proposal: Interested vs. pretty much hates it.

11-Nov-16, 00:20
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by Nad75
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posted about 4 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

I just received two more positive responses from two more places, who are interested and offer very minor critique for the proposal, so that puts me at ease. I'm not going to apply for the institution of my MA supervisor, and I think this issue definitely made the decision.

It's not for a funded project, but I'm hoping for a faculty studentship/scholarship. Saving up the $ just in case, though!

(I'm in an Asian institution, and the Brits that I know are quite pessimistic about UK acceptance, which led to my concern with the proposal feedback issue...so it's nice to hear your advice!)

Thread: The Proposal: Interested vs. pretty much hates it.

10-Nov-16, 07:08
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by Nad75
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posted about 4 years ago
Hi everyone!

I'm new here and very excited to be part of this helpful community. My partner is finishing up his PhD, and it's finally time to delve into mine...

I hope you can help me out with an issue.
I've written a research proposal in poli sci. and have sent it off to four UK Russell Group universities. I got feedback within a week, saying they think the proposal is very interesting and they've all encouraged me to apply. None of the professors suggested any edits or changes.

However, I also sent it at the same time to my MA supervisor, who is an experienced professor, but in a different field (sociolinguistics, not poli. sci.) . He pretty much ripped into it, wants major changes and doesn't understand my research questions. Basically is floored that I would think it's acceptable.

I don't agree with my MA supervisor's direction and now I'm quite confused. I want to trust the potential supervisors.
It's not normal for them (potential supervisors) to say 'great' with no changes to a proposal and then not accept the application, is it?

Anyone with experience on this? Is it normal to get a positive reply from potential supervisors with no changes needed?

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