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New Year Resolutions

by nathaliephd
on January 02, 2014
So, the festive season is upon us! For many students, it will mean a break but for most postgraduate students, it is going to have to combine studying and trying to enjoy the holidays.
I remember only too well the dilemma that was upon me every year when I was an MPhil and then a PhD student: To study or not to study! Packing my suitcase before going home was always a bit of a ritual, weighing out space for books or journal articles (these were the days before electronic journals!) and other things I needed, like clothes! ...

Postgraduate trivia; not so trivial

by nathaliephd
on August 01, 2013
Once again I was reading discussion threads/blogs on the Postgrad Forum, where I often get inspiration for my writing. After all, as a professional in Higher Education, I want to write about what is important to students (well, at least of interest to them). There was a blog about famous people with Masters and PhDs which gave some humorous examples and I thought it merited further research. What (pleasantly) surprised me was the array of disciplines studied by celebrities with higher qualifications. I won’t discuss well-known politicians and scientists, here, as many of them have degrees in their area of work. ...

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