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After the complaint, what should I do if the university doesn’t take an action?

According to my personal experience to appeal to the university it is important to file a complaint in case you might need that in the future. When I submitted my second appeal in which I pointed out inadequate supervisory team. The university comments on that saying I did not raise any concerns of my poor supervisory team within the previous two years APR, therefore, they refused to take into consideration as an appeal instead a complaint. I highly recommend you file a compliant since you had done so. Recording everything for the sake of the worse scenario.

Can university use personal mental health against me

Please help I am welcome any advice. I am desperate for helps to deal with university in the middle of my appeal.
Reading my department's comments on my appeal letter makes me unease and a bit angry. But I am aware that I need to get rid of my anger and seek positive advice to fight back. Please help, please.
XX cried uninhibitedly when questioned about her progress and, on one occasion, suggested that she would respond positively to military-like personal abuse as a means of supervision.
This statement is from the head of PGR who stated in response to my appeal.

How to write to university for treating my appeal with proper manners

Thank you all for your kind replies. I left the UK due to visa curtailment. I am still in the middle of my second appeal which I found my department commented on it by using my mental health against my PhD proceeding. I looked at the OIA website, it states that only when the internal formal appeal has been completed, I can apply for my case to the OIA.

How to write to university for treating my appeal with proper manners

Dear All,

I am desperate for advice and guidance regarding university's relentless careless attitude towards my appeal with a total disregard towards my dignity.

With assistance from my solicitor my second appeal was submitted on 22nd of May to the university casework. I waited 7 days to receive acknowledgement from the university on how they were to progress my appeal.

The university only responded when I emailed them to remind them of procedure irregularities, as according to their own regulations I should of received an acknowledgement within 5 days of submission. However the university has failed to follow their own rules to handle my appeal.
What is worse is that they decided to treat my appeal as a complaint without providing me an explanation for doing so. I replied to the casework group, rejecting the way the university handled my case. They then decided to change their action and treat my case as an appeal. Accordingly as per university regulations, they sent my appeal document to my department for review and were supposed to reply back to me within 14 days. Yet again I have not received a response from the university and I am becoming wearisome of the university's appalling relentless attitude towards my appeal.

Please can anyone share their experiences and advice on how I can deal with the university in order to move them to handle my case fairly and honestly as per university regulations.