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The One Goal Thread

I am a new my tomatoes.com convert 8-)

Stuck in a major rut

Hi cupcakes, sorry for the tough year. Atleast you have done a positive thing coming onto this site...
After my upgrade in April , I could not for the life of me bring myself to even sit with my laptop ... I didnt want to do anything!!! not for any serious reasons as you had, but I was simply fed up of all of it well and trully! I didnt do a thing on my phd for 2 months(I simply couldnt, however much my professor went on at me about it!!)... I came on here as a chance find.. and one of the golden things that people advised me was to give myself a true break .. not a guilt ridden one- so i did and I can honestly say a few days not looking at the work or even thinking about it allowing yourself wallowing time and soul recovery, works like a charm .. its not to say that its all super fantastic now,... but at least when I go through a dip(which does happen sometimes) I reflect on the break I had and the break I will have when this is finally submitted!!!

Other that that try my tomatoes.com it will inspire you to do small chunks of work

and as Bilbobaggins said .. write lists of stuff to do that are actually doable- dont sweat the hard stuff first- I did the bits I considered easier first.. when i started to get back into the writing - I did the bits that I could see results quickly ie the abstract which helped me think through the different parts of the thesis clearly....
I wish you all the very best!!! stay on here - there are some really great people who will support you and offer great advise :-) you will find you really arent on your own(up)

The One Goal Thread

hey sneaks,
Im here as well ... had a very late start today as had a really late night yesterday ...( the discussions in my thesis :-s) and now i have some errands to ran!! food is important if i intend to study some more- will be back for another late night tonight!!

Ady - I only know of my internal and not my external but the thought of any of it makes me sick to my stomach especially when im going through the discussions and thinking What am I doing here - does this correlate with my theoretical framework? did i pick the right one etc !!!!

On the positive- we have all come this far we can do it atleast getting the draft in will be a little booster (up)

I wish I'd known a year ago...

Hi everyone,
Ady I couldnt agree with you more !! the discussions that have to reflect the theoretical framework:$, but as Satchi said its all part of the process... had I known this a year ago, would I have done anything different?

I don't think so;-)

The One Goal Thread

morning all. 9am start on a rainy sunday- get in!;-)

anyway, glad theres more people on today!! I havent finished my goal from yesterday!!
So goal for today complete analysis of initial interviews and wind up the chapter- really :-s

all the best everyone!!
Button - sorry about your headache- thats the price of 3D entertainment sometimes ;-)
Moonblue - the failure of the methods you have used so far is important data , you can totally use that in your thesis- and explain the different techniques you have used and why you think they failed -dont worry you will get respones just be a little patient.... good luck with it(up)

The One Goal Thread

glad to see you are around sneaks, good luck with todays goal ;-)

The One Goal Thread

where is everyone?...I havent updated in a few days as I have been working ...
Todays Goal

1. deal with analysis section one .

p.s Im kind of glad it's raining all weekend- the temptation to go wandering in the hills is very much reduced !!:-)

come on people pls update your goals of the moment, so we keep each other going - this thread is great it makes me feel very accountable for my actions and how I spend time that should be Phd time(up)

Ladies: What length hair did you have when doing your PhD?

this is such a fun post:-) I had my hair quite short when I started ( not because of the phd- but because I had wanted to cut off all my hair for a while)...anyway its all grown back now ...

It takes quite a chunk of time to maintain it sometimes, but I will be honest I only feel most pressurised when I have a deadline looming and I want to wash it ... otherwise its fine..

My advise- dont chop you hair for the phd- chop it only if you realy want to, and for you. Cause once you start the Phd you will find ways of working round it - honestly....;-)

All the best whatever you decide to do

The One Goal Thread

morning 9 am start here as well :-) happy days!!

1.Goal one is- write the introduction to the methodology chapter( have avoided this)

2. put my foot in the door with the first analysis chapter atleast review what was originally written!!

3. Stay away from the internet - except ofcourse this forum ( I have to keep myself going some how)(up)....

All the best with todays goals everyone....

The One Goal Thread

hi all,
Button I feel you on analysis, im on to that tomorrow:-( ..

1. goal for today - methodology ,MUST be finished !!

did really well in the morning and then got bored and distracted, had lunch and now will soldier on ..

Sneaks - facebook is the DEVIL- and I dont even have an a/c but mine is youtube:-s.....

maybe we should write about all the things that are evil when one is faced with a deadline?

The One Goal Thread

Button ... sorry about your day, but atleast you have it sorted now (up)

My goal of the day isnt complete yet, but the horrendous section has been dealt with and now I just have to make the whole chapter coherent as opposed to fragmented threads of ideas :-(

The One Goal Thread

Sneaks.... I sympathise about the blood tests.. I HATE NEEDLES... grrhhh anyway .. you sound like you have a busy day a head of you, it will probably do you some good not to be sat infront of the computer all day....I went for a walk yesterday and had a lazy evening so feel much better for it today...
Funny you should be waiting for the postman.. I am as well ... It will be a good reason to take an elevenses break!


The One Goal Thread

morning everyone,
Goal for today

1. work on section of methodology I have been avoiding all summer, write 2,000 words.....

I hope everyone is doing ok today!!

Whats everyone up to today?

The One Goal Thread

hey all,
I missed out yesterday, I had a tiring day at work and then could not master the courage to sit at the computer!!
Thanks alot star-shaped for the advise, and well done (up) for completing your draft... how i wish.
Seems every one is giving it thier all today, well my goals for today!

1. like- methodical- my study area was a shambles - have just finished tidying up , atleast I can actually see part of the desk now!!

2. Thanks to Star-shaped's advise I am focusing on writing out the lit. review today and putting aside any material that may be useful I will have to come back to that when reviewing the final draft, or a little later atleast...

all the best- everyone :-)

The One Goal Thread

..help... I keep finding new material as I am attempting to restructure a section of my lit review and this is just throwing me off, cause Im going down different tangents and questioning what I have already done... any tips anyone..

Goal of the day still stands :$