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losing motivation

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It would be a very long PhD process if it was still ongoing full time hahahaha. :-) I wonder what Sadsack is doing now...

data analysis - qualitative

This article has some useful information in about identifying themes in qualitative data interviews:

PhD gloom or not?????

When I first started my PhD I used to think that the people who were in the final stages of their PhD and discussed how lonely, depressing and frustrating process it was were being unnecessarily pessimistic. Now being in the final stages of writing up - I have to submit by the end of March - I totally agree with everything Donzy says!

How long til you submit Donzy?

Anyone submitting soon? By Feb end?


Yes! I'm submitting the end of March, and also have to get all of my PhD for final reading by the end of February if not sooner!

Yes we both need the moral support I think (up)

Do you have a plan of what you need to do? I have a plan in my head, but I think I need a firmer one on paper!

Writing up in 100 days - jan 5th deadline.

72 days to go for me!

How is everyone doing who's on the last part of the marathon?!?

The only chapter I have to significantly redraft is the methodology, but hopefully this should be simple...

But numerous amendments to make to earlier chapters, and then obviously to make sure the whole thesis fits together to make a whole!