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PhD with a pass/merit for MSc
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Well I can only describe my own situation, a mid 2:1 from a former Poly, an MSc pass (distinction in dissertation & research methods, and mid to high 60%s in everything else) from a former, different Poly, and I was accepted to a UK top 5 university for my PhD.

That sneaky £20 under the table at the interview helped too ;-)... !

Corresponding author
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I have one article published and one being considered after R&R... on both articles I am both first and corresponding author. The other author being my supervisor.

The only input my supervisor had on both articles was to edit and suggest further improvements (which I then went and made myself) so I think it's only right that I'm corresponding author :) (My field is health research)


What can I do now that will save time towards the end of PhD??
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Definitely lit review, methodology and methods. Even if you change your methodology and methods you'll still need to explain why you did it so it's worth writing about it now to have the groundwork laid out.

I managed to do this in my first year and am very thankful I did, now that I'm in 3rd year!

How do you backup your work? : )
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Dropbox... brilliant piece of software.

Getting a Mortgage with a Studentship (UK)
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To add to this, I just called Teachers Building Society who were quite rude and rejected me immediately as a) I don't earn over £15k p/a individually (despite the fact that I'd be applying with hubby) b) I don't have a teaching qualification.

Well I lectured for two years at two different institutions including being module leader on two courses... but that doesn't count apparently as I don't have a piece of paper saying I can teach. Sigh...

Do I take the PhD or wait for others to come up??
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It's worth a punt but bearing in mind that he/she may have took on another student on that specific project, depending on the requirements of the funder (if they needed someone for the start of the academic year for example)

Getting a Mortgage with a Studentship (UK)
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to add: even though we have a mortgaged house already, excellent credit, and £85,000 to put down on a ~£250,000 home (34% deposit consisting of equity plus savings)!

Getting a Mortgage with a Studentship (UK)
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Thanks :) I think my lack of full time employment before the PhD was the nail in the coffin for my Barclays attempt ;)

However I hadn't heard of the Teachers Building Society - will ask my broker to give them a ring.

Getting a Mortgage with a Studentship (UK)
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We're having the same problem and our mortgage broker can only find Lloyds and Natwest. Interesting that you got Barclays on board... Can I be nosey and ask your circumstances? I am applying with my husband who works full time permanent.

"Is there a need to do this?" - and others questions during presentation
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Hmm tough questions!
Obviously it would depend on the field and the specifics but I'd say something along the lines of...

"Is there a need to do this, since some other solutions are already available?"

Yes I believe so. The problem with other solutions are (costly/take a lot of time/inaccurate) whereas this particular solution is better in (x) ways especially when it comes to (y) and (z).

"How do you know it's going to work?"

I know it's going to work, because (I've used it many times before/Many other researchers have reported success with this method/I have the skills required)

"I can't see what you're trying to do"

I would probably ask if there's any area in particular they're struggling with and explain it further..

"I don't think it will work"

This proposed method has an excellent evidence base etc

"Is this even your field?"

Yes/no (go into background and tailor it for the particular theory/solution/whatever you are proposing)

Easier said than done...!!

rewriting co-authored papers for thesis
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It's difficult to advise you generally - could you be more specific as to what you're trying to find out?

Grounded Theory analysis Q... calling Ady, Olivia et al!!
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Quote From ady:

not sure what I have to say will help but...

I suppose, on reflection, I did axial code within my different groups but ultimately what I was trying ot do was refine my original open codes by re-visiting them, comparing and contrasting time and time again. As time went on I stopped thinking of them within their different groups and treated them together. although I admit this was not a conscious decision. I finally conflated all my open codes to four main axial categories. From these I extracted a core category and then a substantive grounded theory.

In my opinion, and it is only that (!) although you may have different sub groups, it is a grounded theory of your overall study you are trying to produce - no? Also, while you can have similar codes for different groups, they may just be looking at an issue from a different perspective. If you continue to treat your groups as separate enteties throughout your thesis, it will be difficult to formulate an overall conclusion to your work I think.

I had everything in an excel file and refined, refined that way. My supervisor used GT many years before me in his PhD and said he literally printed things out and spread them out on the floor and refined them that way. I didn't use computer software so I am not sure how easy it is to work between and among groups at the same time - possibly another argument for not using software?!? I felt I was more in control of the process with my 'clunky' excel file. By the time I had finished I could genuinely claim that I knew my data!

Best of luck with it Noctu

Ady, OMG I am so sorry I only just saw your response!! I hope you don't think I was ignoring you!

Thank you so much, that is really helpful. I too have a clunky excel file now :) and am making much use of it. What you have said about a theory of all of my participants and not separating them out makes a lot of sense and I am ploughing ahead :)

Thanks again xx

I passed my viva :)
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Congratulations Dr PN, hope you had a fab night last night and perhaps some big celebration planned! Let us know how it went when you've recovered sufficiently? 8-)

Grounded Theory analysis Q... calling Ady, Olivia et al!!
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Quote From ady:

Only seeing this now as I have been a bit unwell of late! I'll have a think about it and get back to you :-)

Ady you are so sweet... thank you... don't rush though especially if you have been ill!! You poor thing - hope you feel better soon (up)

Grounded Theory analysis Q... calling Ady, Olivia et al!!
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If anyone can help me I will be forever indebted to you!!! Seriously!

Here's my situation: I am using Strauss & Corbin (1990) GT. I have participant observations (not transcribed but notes taken of them), patient interviews (transcribed), and follow up patient interviews (transcribed)
I also have clinician interviews (transcribed)

I have 'groups within groups' of participants, i.e. :

Clinicians: 1. nurses 2. GPs 3. specialists

Patients: 1. newly diagnosed 2. stable 3. end-stage

I've open coded the interviews and coming up to axial coding. However when you have groups like I do above (Ady I seem to remember you have a similar structure?) how do you conduct axial coding (and subsequent theoretical coding/focused coding)? Did you axial code each group-within-group and then axial code the entire group e.g. entire patient group?

I really am drowning in data and confusion at the moment and can't see my supervisor for a little while. Please help!