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PhD tattoo?
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Quote From clupea:

Sisyphus pushing the psychology sign up hill ;-), though that might not meet the small discreet requirement.

I had to google Sisyphus :$ but that's a great idea!

PhD tattoo?
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I'm thinking of getting a tattoo to symbolise my journey through my PhD. I already have a tattoo and I'm thinking that I'd like to commemorate this part of my life with a small, discreet inking :-)

Problem is, I can't think of what to get. My subject lies in the field of health/medical psychology so I can't get anything sciencey (like a DNA helix or something) as I want to symbolise my PhD journey more than anything. I could get the psychology sign as a tattoo but I fancy something more specific to a PhD.

Any thoughts guys? I was thinking of a stylised 'PhD' but unsure...!

completing my PhD whilst living at home or move on and get married?
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We got married last year whilst I was in the first year of my PhD.

As other posters have said, there is no reason whatsoever why you can't arrange a wedding whilst doing a PhD. I treat my PhD like a 9-5 job and have a normal (!) social life outside of those times. Whilst the PhD is very, very important to me, there's no way that I would allow it to significantly restrict other areas of my life (such as getting married).

If you wanted a massive wedding which would require lots of organising then yes, this might pose a problem. We had a fairly small wedding (50 to day, 80 to night) and in reality I didn't have to do a massive amount of organising. I also really enjoyed it and it provided a nice distraction from the PhD - not in a bad way, in a good way - not allowing the PhD to take over my life which I think many students in the same boat are susceptible to.

A PhD does not have to take over everything in life! As long as you put the hours in during normal working hours then there's absolutely no reason why you can't live the same life that any average working person has.

Please come back and let us know what you decide :-) (up)

How long to analyse 1 interview with grounded theory?
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Hi all,
I know this question might as well be "how long is a piece of string" but how long did it take those who have used grounded theory before, to analyse their interviews? E. G. Per 1hr interview?
Trying to plan my time...
Thanks :-)

Do I take the PhD or wait for others to come up??
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Ian you speak a lot of sense.

Do I take the PhD or wait for others to come up??
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I don't wanna sound all doom and gloom but yes they are :( The issue is many applicants and fewer studentships available.

I'm on a studentship in health psychology which was very competitive to get on, I had competition from medical doctors, people with PhDs already, years of clinical experience, clinical psychologists... & many of the research assistants in the department are trying to get on studentships, the vast majority without success and it's really sad to see them struggle. In the end they're managing to find funding for the fees from the department, and they're having to work full time still with maybe a day off for the PhD, which they have 5 years to complete part time (it would usually be 6 but if you're working in the department you're doing your PhD in, at my uni, then you only get 5!)

I mean at the end of the day if you feel that you're gonna be miserable in Notts then that's important but if you think you can manage it then I'd be taking the opportunity. Just my opinion though and it's a big decision for you!

Do I take the PhD or wait for others to come up??
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Hi Ariel,
To be honest I'd say that funded places are difficult to get especially with the lack of funding in the UK right now. If it's a subject you're interested in as well, then I'd be snapping their hands off. You'll make friends in Notts (what was it like when you were doing your undergrad, did you make friends then at all?)

Journal submission, naming potential reviewers?
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I'm about to submit a manuscript but the journal says that you must specify 3 reviewers, in a country other than your own.

Needless to say I have no idea where to start! I don't know any academics in the field really (grounded theory), apart from my supervisor, and certainly none internationally.

Has anyone else come across this and what did you do?

The One Goal Thread
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Morning everyone,
Having a stressful time at the moment and haven't done any work over the past few days. However my goal today is to transcribe at least 1 interview. Wish me luck...

PhD mortgages: current info
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Hi all,
Don't know if this is helpful to anyone but just to let you know that as of today (Aug 2012) the only mortgage lender I have spoken to who will accept PhD stipend income in a mortgage is Lloyds TSB.
Natwest will only accept a small amount of it (e.g. 1/4 of it) and even then I think you have to have a co-applicant.
All the others have said NO immediately... grr.

Hope this helps anyone searching the forum in the future, or even now...!!

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I have this one and it works perfectly!

The One Goal Thread
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Hi guys,
Would it be possible for me to join you? You all sound so organised and motivated by each other!
What's the general gist? Post goals then post if you met them or not later on?

Funded students and teaching
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A difficult situation...

The only thing I can think of is speaking to your head of department and/or your Student Union. If noone else is taking on these duties apart from you then that is inherently unfair... and I would be asking what the penalty is for not undertaking the teaching AND therefore why haven't the other awardees suffered the same fate already?

I know you didn't mention this but are there any conditions of your funding for external paid work? I'd be surprised if there wasn't a clause that states you can't do more than 6 or 8 hours a week paid work elsewhere. I know the ESRC have guidelines like this and my (university) full studentship reflects this also.

I completely sympathise with the need to support a family financially but would have it been possible for you to take part time work instead? Unless you go mega part time on the PhD you won't be able to complete on time...

Pregnancy during PhD
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Quote From lillypotter:


I just wondered how long did it take for u to get the official offer letter.. I am just wondering because I was offered a phd last week and dint hear from the professor yet..
I know its irrelevant to ur post.. but could u plz ans this,,

It took me a good few weeks - however I think this varies massively from uni to uni and even department to department. I wouldn't worry!

Awkward presentation - opinions?
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Sounds as if your actual presentation wasn't awkward, but you had awkward examiners!

I agree with the previous poster, maybe next time be (nicely) clear that the points they are interested in are contained in later slides. (It's not easy to think on your feet like that when you're put on the spot, though)

Try not to take it too much to heart, IMO they were being unfair to you.