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More on Bogus Degrees, MBA BBA etc.

It is worth bearing in mind that most of the bogus programmes in the UK are aimed at overseas students; particularly from India. If you are applying from India to UK, make sure the awarding body is a genuine British Uni. (Check at Hero.ac.uk) For applicants to USA try CHEA or USDE.
Even if a degree is a valid UK degree it may be of very low quality. Check its history and staff records. Check if it has all overseas students; it may be a money making scheme more than a good programme. Is it a small college associated with a larger uni?. TELL YOUR FRIENDS THE SAME. You/they can easily waste 2 million rupees if you are not careful. I have seen many students do that.

Bogus MBA degrees

There are many bogus degree programmes operating in the UK and the USA. For UK always check the degree is awarded by a genuine UK university:


For the USA, check USDE, CHEA, OSAC and also google "wiki bogus degrees".

Also note that in the UK there are several legal universities offering MBA's in partnership with small colleges. It seems to me they are designed to make money by taking advantage of the still good reputation of British education. The degrees are not well regarded. They are "mickey mouse". Anyone else have experience of these programmes?

luxury brand management

Beware Millenium City Academy, London Graduate School of Management. It offers Luxury Brand Management. From experience lecturing there, I advise against the college (it is linked to PGSM (France) , IPMA (UK) and a gentlemen called Satar Bawany. Bawany has a "PhD" from Preston (once of Cheyenne, Wyomomg, USA. Now of Alabama, USA).

MCA, LGSM, PGSM, Bawany and Preston (USA) should be avoided. If you are in Singapore area, you may come across Freely and Clemen Chiang. Give them a miss.

Strategic Managment online MBA program?

Durham, Warwick offer distance programmes for MBA. It is difficult to imagine they are not good. Both are AMBA accredited. Warwick is AACSB also. OU claims to have a good reputation. I've met a few of its MBA graduates. They were not very impressive; in fact very weak.

If you are considering a distance programme make sure it is from a well established business school. Ignore all of the credit for life experience "schools"; they are cowboys. For the UK check at

And for USA check USDE, CHEA and OSAC. Also, google "wiki bogus degrees".

slecting universities amd MBA course

Birmingham City is a ex polytechnic (also known as UCE). Probably not the best. At least check here before acting.
Beware of MBA programmes with nearly all Non UK students. They are often money making schemes. It is not an international, multi-cultural experience, you live and work with people from home. The degrees are not highly regarded; they may be "mickey-mouse" degrees. In the UK quite a lot of colleges offer degrees in partnership with recognised universities. In my experience (I've worked in some, as well as good places) they are "not the best". Beware UK colleges offering USA, French or Australian degrees. E.G. AIBA is authorised to deliver in Australia but not in UK. Check how long the degree programme has been running. Check the staff teaching the course. For USA check USDE, CHEA and OSAC. LONDON HAS MANY BOGUS MBA COURSES.

Need to find the ideal institution

It is VERY important you check the status of the awarding body. There are many bogus providers around the world, especially MBA's. Most claim to be valid and back that up with "accreditation" by a body which seems legitimate but probably is not. Accreditation in the UK by BAC and DFES is NOT evidence degrees are genuine. Check at http://www.hero.ac.uk/uk/studying/things_to_consider_when_choosing_where_to_go_and_what_to_study/recognised_uk_degrees.cfm

If you are considering a UK MBA. Be careful if it is an Australian degree in the UK. AIBA is authorised to offer degrees IN AUSTRALIA ONLY.

Be wary of courses offered by "partner" colleges. They may be money making schemes (even if legal and backed by genuine universities; I know of 3 colleges offering legal UK degrees(as partners) where the standards are VERY low (I have taught in some (briefly), as well as better places). Check the times rankings. For USA check with CHEA, USDE and OSAC.