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any tips?

Quote From sneaks:

I don't know if I've got it BUT one of the other candidates already worked there and was married to one of the department heads, so...... :-s

Ouch :(

I've got my fingers crossed for you anyway.

Using a Gantt chart in an interview presentation?

After much thought I've realised there's not much point to a gantt when there's going to be very little in the way over overlap. Case closed!:$

Just getting ready for interview

Glad it went well Jepsonclough, and gladder still you've come to the decision you want. Like Chuff said, it's definately a two way thing!

Good luck Sneaks!

Using a Gantt chart in an interview presentation?


I have a job interview (Huzzah!). I have to prepare various bits and bobs for it but I was wondering what people felt about including gantt charts for very small scale activities. I have some examples to give of individual lessons (quite long ones really) and I thought visually it might work quite well.

Any one used them? Is it a bit excessive for a short presentation?

My first literature chapter

:) All my work tends to get covered in red ink too. There never seems to be anything too major to change but there's always plenty of red!

Congrats, hope the rest of the chapters go as well.

Just getting ready for interview

Good luck :D You can do it!

Thoughts: quoting the bible and the Pope in an academic paper

Under science as it stands whether grass is blue or green is verifiable, and can be done so in an objective and quantifiable manner. If I measure how much tea I have left in my mug then we can both do it, we can both use the same or comparable scales and we'll both come to the same answer.

Whether there's a god or not isn't verifiable. One persons belief is another's delusion. It's totally subjective.

So as far as I'm concerned a quote about God, god or gods is only really applicable if it either comes under the same scrutiny as all other sources or has a particular relevance to the subject matter, such as theology. And if the other sources happen to be ones based on actual measurements and objective staples of science then they can't receive the same scrutiny.

G*power help please

I've not sure, 'cos I've not used G*Power in a while, but I think number of measurements used to be called repetitions in earlier versions. So I think its the number of times it was carried out, or the number of times a measurement was recorded if that makes sense. I'll double check if I can get G*Power working on my computer again.

The Elusive Research Question

I had an idea of the very general area it would be in when it began, but the actual *final* research question didn't appear until much later on. And even then it kept changing.

My first 2 experiments dealt with an interesting and useful effect, issues in the past literature etc. Once that was dealt with during the first year the next 5 experiments were all about the broader theoretical question. Pretty much every semester the question ended up being redefined as I understood more about the area and the new results. Sometimes with fresh results the question you originally set out to ask ceases to be relevant!

My supervisor initially gave me some reading on some of the broader areas to give me a better footing, and then later took me through some of the more complex ideas that I realised would need to be part of the question.

To be honest I'm almost finished with my writing up and the complete research question(s) has only just become completely defined!

Sxxt in a bubble bath - You can't do that!

Quote From 4matt:

This whole 50% target is nonsense. 

(up) I agree with that. And a lot of your post really. The target was always wrong. The aim should have been to provide affordable education for those who were able and interested, not trying to get 50% of school leavers into University regardless. It's not helped matters in the slightest.

Jobseeker's Allowance

Can we apply for JSA? :$ I always thought we couldn't whilst we were writing up because we were still students?

If I'm wrong I'll be applying though. I'm in the same situation, as you've probably guessed from the other thread, and it's all so depressing. I always thought the longer the PhD goes on the longer it'll take to get a job but now I'm starting to think it's not really going to matter. Im sure I can finish the PhD but I doubt there'll be many jobs. And what jobs there'll be will have huge competition. As an early career academic what hope do we have when competing with the more established, recently redundant?

And as for jobs outside the scope of Academia...if I'd wanted one of those I wouldn't have bothered with the past three years. But then if there's no choice...And again, the competition. A PhD is all well and good but you don't need one to work in an office. It's no real advantage.

Sxxt in a bubble bath - You can't do that!

Quote From walminskipeasucker:

It seems that when the university funding cuts are announced next week, there's going to be an 80 % cut in the teaching budget (4.2 bn) and a £1bn cut in research funding. Call me a clairvoyant, but I don't think my future career is going to be in higher education. (sprout)

The cuts look horrific. I mean we're always going to be bothered by them cos we potentially have a stake in HE for our own employment. But I struggle to see how anyone is able to swallow the sheer size of the cuts. I read teaching funding will be down from 3.9 Billion to 700 Million? That's not just a case of belt tightening...Universities will go to wall. Especially the smaller ones.

I'm thinking more and more about working abroad but I'd need to find a country that my partner could work in as well. She's lucky though, the area she'll end up working in once her course has finished has had it's funding ring fenced.

Job Interview presentation

Quote From jepsonclough:

Great minds think alike - I've already covered that in (with ref to ther leter in teh times higher a couple of weeks ago when a dept who came top said it was not a good measure) but we do have to recognise that parents will look at things like that...

(up) It's a pity that Uni's insist on plastering their rankings in it all over undergraduate material and websites but they're over a bit of a barrell I guess. Like you say the prospectie students and their parents are going to give it a look.

Good luck with the interview :D

anyone got any confidence tips

I worry about the same sort of thing really. The young part not the wanting to stride in as a woman part! :D

I went straight from undergrad to post so I worry that I'll look a bit 'green' in comparison. But you just have to remind yourself that you've already got the interview. There was something about you and your skills that got them hooked. You're part way there!

To get over the nervousness I tend to do as little as possible that is interview related on the day itself. If I repeat and rehearse all the way up to the door then I get confuzzled and nervous. Where as if I just try and enjoy the day, think only lightly about the basics. In fact I go for the Saatchi reccomendation. Stick some music on if you can, something suitably uplifting.

In the actual interview itself to overcome the potential 'young' and 'overly eager' tags I make sure I give myself a little pause before answering. I don't just leap in. Stops me tripping up over my words and generally brings the pace of the interview down, so my answers don't feel rushed.

paper help please

Bah stupid word limit

The programs aren't used because everyone thinks they're the best to use, or because they want to tap into the reputation that comes with popularity, but because they're the ones that will allow people to reach the people they need to, and do the things they need to with ease.
So on the Journal front, you might get people submitting to Journal A because it has the established readership numbers that open source Journal B doesn't have. But then if that readership isn't right, the standards are too low etc then there may well be a swap. It's not just an automatic preference for one over the other based on type.

And I think you can see that in the preferences I and others were mentioning. We go for what's suitable, not what's paid. Sometimes what is suitable is paid, and sometimes there'll be people who don't put the thought in and go for a bigger name regardless. But it's not a given that that's how things are. Nor is it a given that that is how things will stay. Every publication leads to a change, or flux, in the various weightings given to journals by individuals. If that makes any sense. I may have tied myself up in knots! :)