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How to deal with a disastrous phd-process or viva

Hey JoJo!

I was thinking about you the other day, wondering how you were getting on. I remember your story whilst writing up my PhD.

Many thanks for your message. Good to hear you finally passed and obtained your lecturer job. Congratulations on both accounts!

I resubmitted my PhD back in mid August and I'll find out in October as to whether I've passed or not. Starting to feel sick with worry :(

Anyway, many thanks for your inspirational post.

Pineapple (aka Pineapple29!)

Rock bottom

Hi Florence,

I just wanted to say I can completely relate to your post.

I'm about to start my fifth year.... (which is a very depressing thought!), but I'm slowly working my thesis corrections following a relatively successful viva (at least in terms of the state of my submitted PhD).

It's really difficult to not draw comparisons with other PhD students who started the same time or later (something I'm trying not to do at the moment!).

After a rather depressing failed attempt at finding work, rather than remaining within research, I'm currently retraining to become a practitioner psychologist....and managed to land a long term paid position as a psychologist in training.

Anyway, just wanted to say you're not alone and hang in there. Over the last year or so, I felt something similar ie a 'a complete and utter loser' but after taking a few steps back, I've come to see that I have actually achieved something to be proud of and there are good things about what I've worked towards over the last few years. I've also learnt lots about myself etc and really matured and grown professionally. Concentrating on the strengths and challenging my negative thoughts with something more positive (aka the good old CBTing it) seems to help me through my dark days.

Feel free to PM if you want to vent etc.....take it easy x