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Do you include a CV/Resume with your submitted thesis?

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Oh, in one of my discussion chapters, I included a few reflective paragraphs on how my professional background (and educational specialism) may have influenced the stance and theoretical argument of my PhD, but not a formalized CV.

Do you include a CV/Resume with your submitted thesis?

No CV required- at least at my university.

Waiting for examiners verdict (post viva)

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Almost two months since post viva submission and still no news, although the admin lady said she expects to receive examiners verdict in late October. Admin lady is on A/L until early next week.

No support from uni since submission and starting to lose the will to live! Limbo central.

Really struggling to concentrate on job hunting at the moment.

They've most likely agreed a decision, which is a sickening thought!

Sorry for moaning! Sounds pathetic, but I'm losing the will to live at the moment!

Update on resubmission rejection

Dear Beth,

I'm really very sorry to read this. Actually feeling a little tearful after reading your story. Devastating.

I'm currently waiting for verdict from examiners following resubmission in August (similarly, no second viva) and I'm expecting a result very soon. I know I would be absolutely and utterly devastated if they rejected my resubmission. It is truly heartbreaking to go through 3/4 years of PhD, submit, viva, resubmit, wait for examiners decision, rejection, then second viva. Sounds like a complete nightmare. I'm really sorry Beth.

At the very least, at least you've got the option for another viva rather than an outright fail, that has to be a good sign!

You've mentioned minimal feedback, just wondering if there is anything you could use to integrate into next PhD draft or defend at your second viva? Also, it sounds like you've got your supervisors behind you and collecting strong publications which is so positive.

Also, you've been through a viva, so you know what to expect and have some idea how your examiners act/expect of you, so at least you're not going into this blind.

I don't have much to add, but just wanted to say that we're on similar paths (resubmission). I don't know if I my resubmission will be similarly rejected, but you're not alone on the tortuous long journey towards a PhD.

Thinking of you. Best of luck with everything.


'Overqualified' sting

No word on PhD results yet...........

Given recent string of rejections for research assistant/grade 6 posts due to being 'overqualified' due to PhD and no funding for grade 7 promotion if awarded PhD during posts, I'm going to give the postdoc/grade 7/research associate jobs a try.

Some of the feedback recently received from a top 5 uni was to strongly consider grade 7/research associate positions and to keep an eye out for such positions in their department. Hopefully a good sign?

Oh well, can't help I guess! Need a job!

Could always go down the non graduate route again and omit all of my qualifications.....but will face that this evening, after I've worked through these grade 7 posts.

Are you affraid of failing the PhD?

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I think almost every PhD candidate worries about failing their PhD viva (ie failing outright at viva or leaving viva with an MPhil outcome).

I most certainly feared failing prior to my viva last year and I'm anxiously waiting for examiners results in a few weeks time following a resubmission (I don't consider a resubmission as a failure, just a second chance, although some may well view a resubmission as a failure!). I'm sitting here desperately hoping they approve my thesis corrections, trying to stay positive and push thoughts of PhD failure out of my mind (which isn't easy, even at this final stage!).

Searching for jobs woes?

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Obtained non graduate social care job via the job centre website. When I omitted all of my 3-4 postgrad degrees (ie MScs, PGCert, PhD) off my CV, I started getting a response to non-graduate jobs. No response to graduate and academic jobs, despite relevant experience, some publications and qualifications.

Due to budget cuts, hour restrictions and recruitment of full time permanent staff, I no longer have any shifts lined up, so trying to find a new job sharpish.

Over the last year, I was retraining to be chartered psychologist, but I'm unable to afford to stay on my professional psychology doctorate due to no job so doubly disappointing for me. The non grad job was very relevant to my PhD so helped with my write up and also helped develop some clinical skills which helped with my psychologist training.

I feel like the only PhD candidate without a job so you're not alone!


Hair loss

Yes. Big time! You're not alone.

pass with major corrections?!

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Best of luck Blackbyrd and Marasp.

You're definitely not alone! (I'm also a R&R candidate so can really relate to experiences noted on this post!).

I resubmitted my thesis in August and expecting to hear back from my examiners later on this month (ie no second viva). I'm finding this wait after resubmission really very stressful :-( and not coping very well at all. Trying to keep busy and stay positive, but it definitely isn't easy.

The last few months leading up to resubmission were pure hell, although not as stressful as submission first time round as this time round I had really positive feedback from examiners. Marasp is right, sheer stubborn perseverance is most definitely required during the final months before submission. I ended up having to take 3/4 months of work to allow me to focus on it, which helped me finish it in time.

Oh and yes, I also couldn't bring myself to look at my submitted thesis, I was too ashamed of it! So basically started again with my intro and discussion chapters in order to comply with examiners requests (ie they just wanted me to shorten it to 100k and narrow down thesis topic which meant deleting half of my results chapters so basically involved rewriting most of it!).

Just hope I've done enough to get through. Thesis is very different from first submission (which is why I'm so nervous!), but I think is much better in terms of structure and content and I've tried to incorporate all of their major recommendations and almost all of their suggestions.

Some tips.......
- it could have been worse (ie MPhil or outright fail), so your work is worthy of a doctorate, but after some work
- the examiners are not out there to fail you
- ensure to meet with supervisors etc
- make doubly sure that you follow examiners report very very closely
- remember to focus on any positives from your first viva
- Take breaks
- Focus on the good bits of your thesis/work
- Try and stay positive (I'm guilty of very negative thinking so I struggled with this one!)
- Proof read
- Try and take time off from work to finish resubmitted thesis
- Deactivate any social networking sites. I deactivated facebook for almost 2 months prior to resubmission and it really helped me to focus. I get distracted by updates on babies, weddings, engagements, new relationships etc etc (partly as I'm very single, early 30s, no kids etc!), so didn't need to be reminded or distracted by thoughts of people my age going though significant milestones that I haven't been through myself (perhaps due to PhD!).

- Also remember, that examiners may need a few more months to re-examine your thesis, so be prepared for some more waiting after you've resubmitted.

Best of luck with both of your resubmissions.

Searching for jobs woes?

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Quote From badhaircut:

Its been a while since I was in psychology myself, but arent bank work and assistant posts for those getting experience before a doctorate to get onto one? If you were already on that kind of course, is there a reason you need more experience? Maybe you would be better applying for more higher level positions if oyu now have your PhD almost awarded.

In research a lot of us applied for our post docs even before they were awarded, and others went onto other posts usually via industry contacts. I reckon you may have more luck applying for that level rather than undergrad level work. You may even find, like me you prefer life outside psychology than within it.

As for dropping out, does that mean you are totally kicked off the course, or do they just defer you for a bit? Deferring or taking a break is definitely not the same as dropping out, and happens all the time with a PhD.

Thanks bad-haircut! Really useful.

I initially selected bank work to gain some much needed clinical /experience working with service users to help with my professional training (not in clinical psychology but a different professional psychology field). As this bank work involved working within services I covered as part of my PhD, unexpectedly and in the end, this position provided important insights to the realities etc of my PhD research questions, which really helped my write up, especially my intro and discussion chapters (which were missed from my PhD data collection).

Bank work allowed me to gain some direct experience, income to pay for professional doctorate fees and flexibility to complete PhD.

Due to unexpected cuts in shifts (nothing to do with me apparently!) and given my 'bank' status, I simply don't have any shifts lined up and therefore cannot afford to pay the fees for year 2 of the professional psychology doctorate, which means I can't re-enrol and the uni will de-register me from this professional psychology doctorate. However, reflecting over the past decade of continuous study, perhaps it's worth taking a break from study and work full time for a bit (despite working part time mostly throughout my MScs and after PhD).

Searching for jobs woes?

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Hey, good to know I'm not alone. Yep, researcher and assistant psychologist posts as well as relevant non graduate jobs, but not lecturing jobs. Not having much luck.

Had to drop out of professional psychology doctorate as could not pay the 50% worth of fees required for re-enrollment. Gutted.

How to deal with a disastrous phd-process or viva

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Quote From jojo:

its October tomorrow so the wait'll soon be over.

Thanks JoJo. I have to wait until the END of this month for a decision (resubmitted mid August). So the agony of waiting for a decision continues. Depending on what examiners say, this will probably mean I'll miss the winter graduation ceremony consequently pushing my graduation to summer 2013 and means I'm shackled to my PhD for another year or so (I started this thing in 2006!!).

Absolute nightmare.

:-( :-( :-(

How to deal with a disastrous phd-process or viva

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Thanks JoJo.

I'll just have to wait and see I guess. I covered all of their major points and almost all of their suggestions for improvement. It wasn't perfect so I'm expecting some minor things to sort out (and these are minor points!), but I felt much better about this draft second time round. We shall see.

Examiners said no second viva voce, so this is it!

I'm enrolled on a psychology doctorate (not the clinical one), but due to no consistent income, I don't think I can afford it anymore :(

I decided not to go for the clinical psychology doctorate (for various reasons!).

In the meantime, trying to keep busy with the job hunt, going on long walks, seeing friends and trying to keep calm re PhD results.

Searching for jobs woes?


I'm still waiting for an outcome from my examiners following PhD submission.......

I'm currently a 'bank' support worker in order to gain clinical experience within my specific PhD field, but they've cut virtually all of my shifts due to employing permanent support worker staff. Although this job is poorly paid, it has given me some much vital experience at the 'grass roots' level and given me a small income and flexibility to work on my doctoral studies.

Lack of funds and no real consistent well paid job means that I will probably have to drop out of my professional doctorate as I can no longer pay my fees for entering into year 2. Very disappointing.

I have years of postgraduate research experience, assistant psychologist experience, postgraduate qualifications and a few publications, but I'm not having much success at all.

Most of the time, I'm submitting applications for research assistant posts. I haven't applied for research associate posts due to lack of a completed PhD and no publications, although now wondering if I should consider applying for PhD graduate jobs as well. I'm trying to tailor my application to each person spec point, but still failing to obtain interview invites.

Finding this all extremely soul destroying.........

Is anyone else struggling!?


resubmission nightmare

Hi Frazzled,

I just wanted to congratulate you on getting through your resubmission and passing. I'm delighted for you. So inspirational to see that it IS possible to pass a PhD after a resubmit verdict.

I resubmitted my thesis back in August and I'm expecting results in October. via an email from my department. I asked my examiners at the viva last year of a second viva voce and they said no.

I know my resubmitted draft was MUCH better than my original submitted draft and I made sure to cover all of their major recommendations. I covered almost all of their suggestions for improvement, but due to the changes I made covering the major recommendations, some of their suggestions for improvement were irrelevant. I'm starting to feel sick with worry :( Just hope I've done enough. I don't know what I'm going to do if it's bad news. I'll be letting down so many people if it's bad news.

Anyway, massive well done frazzled. You're my inspiration :)

Pineapple (aka Pineapple29).